Nancy Jaeger Marries Wedding Industry Knowledge with Business Savvy


Five years ago Nancy Jaeger started selling bridal and wedding accessories online. With everything from wedding dresses and jewelry to attendant favors and cake toppers on her site essentially the only thing Nancy does not sell to help achieve the perfect wedding is the groom! Nancy stays ahead of the competition by going to bridal shows nation-wide and making sure she stays at the forefront of the latest trends and styles. This dedication has paid off! Since switching from Miva to Volusion about three years ago Nancy has had almost 12,000 orders. As Nancy explains, “We needed more functionality, inventory features, ability to customize, and reporting. Every function you want with Miva is a plug-in.  Every time I installed a new plug-in (all from different developers) there was a fear that something could go wrong; and there is very limited support.”

She made the decision to move her site over to Volusion and has fallen in love with the product editing features, ease of adding new products, ability to set up discounts/coupons, the advanced phone order page, and customizable shipping options. Her favorite features, however, are the quick and easy reporting features like the Return on Investment (ROI) tracker.

Nancy’s brides also benefit from the Volusion software. As she explains “Customers love the reviews– being able to read what other brides think of the products. The one page checkout is a great feature also. It makes it very easy for them to buy.” These benefits to her customers are more than icing on the cake though- they are essential. A reason many online businesses like wedding sites fail is because the more important a purchase is, the more reassuring customers need before they feel confident enough to purchase. A bride-to-be is not going to go online and order just any dress or accessory, she needs to know that that product she is choosing is going to be everything she ever imagined it would be. Nancy is there for her brides every step of the way- offering free expert advice before customers even purchase and promotions like “super sale” items and free shipping when they are ready to make their selections.

With about 14 years of experience in the industry Nancy certainly knows what she is talking about when it comes to wedding fashion, but after these last five years running her online store she is definitely getting a reputation as an online business guru as well. Satisfied customers all over the country are offering up a toast to Nancy and So what is Nancy’s advice to other online store owners?  She offers two suggestions:

  • “Look at all of your options before you choose your online store hosting. Remember that the quality of your hosting will reflect the quality of your business. The last thing you need is your entire website going down due to cheap hosting.”
  • “Get a professionally designed web site.  I have used the designers at Volusion to customize the look and feel of my web site and they did a fantastic job. The prices were reasonable and the design was absolutely beautiful!”

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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