Two Questions You Need to Ask Before Starting Your SEO Campaign

SEO is an exciting venture for any business. But before you dive in, there are some answers you need to get. Check out this post to see the two big SEO questions you should ask before getting started.


If you run an online business, you need to advertise online…but where?

First, ask yourself this simple question: Where does most of a site’s traffic come from?

The answer: Search engines.

So, where’s the first place you should look to advertise? (I think you’re catching on)

An ad on a Search Engine gets the attention of your audience at the exact moment they need that attention, when they are searching for a product or service your business offers. With Google being the internet’s number one search engine (the Google Network reaches more than 80% of all Internet users*), Google AdWords is a must for online businesses. Google AdWords allows you to create your own ads and choose keywords to match those ads to your audience, letting you pay only when someone clicks on that particular ad.

But before you jump in, here are two things to consider before getting started.


1. How much money should I spend?

The average conversion rate for Google AdWords is anywhere from 1 to 5 percent. (Conversion rate is the number of people that visit your site due to that link, compared to the number of people that actually buy from your site due to that link. This means that for every 100 clicks you pay for, 1 to 5 purchases will be made on your site.) If you spend $1 per click, you might end up spending as much as $100 before your first sale!


2. Which of my products are most popular?

Do some research on your end regarding those products that you sell. When you bid on a search phrase, you’ll want to know which of your products has the greatest return, as well as highest volume of sales. Also, take the cost per click into consideration before bidding on a search phrase- you don’t want to pay more than you can afford at the time. To determine whether or not AdWords, or other pay per click programs, are best for your business it is best to decide where your profit margin runs. Then, run some test campaigns to see where your conversion rate is to make certain this type of advertising is best for your business. If it is, you won’t be disappointed.


Happy selling!
-Stacie Leonard, Volusion

* According to Media Metrix

5 Responses to “Two Questions You Need to Ask Before Starting Your SEO Campaign”

  1. Baby Birth Announcements

    You can’t go wrong with Google, Yahoo, and MSN in that order. Clearly Google PPC is going to give you the quickest return on traffic


    Google seems to be the best we have used thus far. But it is interesting to read that you may have to spend $100 for each sale conversion. We may up our monthly limit from $50 to $100. Well, at least we are getting the word out with google adwords for

  3. Dan

    The Reports ROI in volusion can help you figure out which keywords work best and is a POWERFUL tool.

    One of the best features volusion offers.

    Also adwords has a free desktop program that will help you make changes faster.

  4. birth announcements

    I use both Yahoo’s search marketing and Google’s adwords both work really well. i have used MSN in the past but found that we just didnt’ get the traffic and they don’t do a good job of detecting click fraud.

  5. air purifiers

    We have tried many Ad programs including Google, and believe google Ad is a good choice in terms of conversion.


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