Relationship Tips for You and Your Online Store

Are you and your online store stuck in a rut? Follow these tips to spice up the relationship between you and your business!


Even though you may be fully committed to your online store’s long-lasting success, it’s natural for you to sometimes feel stuck in a rut. When this happens, it’s important to pull yourself out of your tired, old routine and spice up your business. Follow these tips to keep the union between you and your online store a long, loving and profitable one.


Put extra effort into looking good

Not that your store doesn’t look great naturally, but sometimes a little bit of extra pizzazz can go a long way. If you’ve been toying with the idea of changing your store’s color scheme or updating your graphics, there’s no time like the present to test it out! Updating your site’s appearance can be a great way to bring new life to your business.


Sing your love from the rooftops

Nobody wants to feel neglected. When something wonderful happens with your store, share it with the world! As a business owner, it’s easy to quickly become jaded about your accomplishments, but take some time to savor how far you’ve come already. When you hit an important milestone or release a sensational new product, why not create a press release to share your excitement?


A little bit of experimentation never hurt anybody

Playing it safe has its benefits (you don’t have to stress out about taking risks). It also has its downsides (you don’t have the exhilaration of taking risks!). If you’ve been tempted to expand your store’s horizons by offering a whole new category of products or adding new inventory from a dropshipper, don’t be afraid. Taking chances and trying new things can springboard your business into new levels of success.


Learn something new by bringing a third party into the mix

Well, temporarily, at least. If you need to breathe new life into your store and its reach, get an expert to check out your SEO and improve your content to drive more targeted traffic to your site. An SEO audit can completely change the way you look at what you write and link to in your store.


Rekindle the old flame by writing a love letter

If you’re feeling discouraged or bored, remember why you started your own business in the first place. Sit down and write a list of reasons you love being an online merchant, and write out all your goals, short-term and long-term, for your business. Sometimes seeing your dreams written down on paper is all you need to get re-motivated.


Successful partnerships, whether in romance or business, require effort and patience. By following these tips, you’re guaranteed to breathe new life into your relationship with your online store.

Happy Selling!
-Emily Teachout, Volusion


Emily Teachout was a Social Media writer and professional. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Communications and a specialization in Technology & Society, and has managed social media campaigns for brands across multiple industries. In her spare time, Emily blogs about Austin’s culinary and entertainment scenes – in fact, she attends over 100 concerts per year.

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