Product Update: Volusion CDN, powered by Akamai

Volusion announces its latest feature, Volusion CDN, powered by Akamai

We’re excited to announce the latest enhancement to our ecommerce platform, Volusion CDN, powered by Akamai. This addition is proven to increase your site speed by up to 60%!

Fasten your seatbelts – your site speed is shifting into overdrive.

We’re thrilled to announce our latest product enhancement, Volusion CDN, powered by Akamai. Currently available on all V11 stores, Volusion CDN is proven to increase your storefront’s load time by up to 60%!

This same technology is used by 90 of the top 100 online US retailers, and we’re providing it to you completely free of charge.

What is Volusion CDN?

“CDN” stands for content distribution network, which is a series of servers spread across the globe. By partnering with leading CDN provider, Akamai, we’re now able to copy the content of your online store onto 95,000 high-speed servers in 72 countries.

The proximity of your customers and these servers is what helps your pages load faster. In other words, a customer in London will access your site from a server in London while a customer in New York will access your site from a server in New York. Smaller distance means smaller load times.


Benefits of Volusion CDN

Wondering what a 60% boost in site speed can do for you? Check out these awesome benefits:

  • Enhanced SEO:
    Google and other major search engines have announced that site speed is a factor for how your pages rank in search engines. Since Volusion CDN provides faster site speed, your pages have an additional advantage for search engine rankings.
  • Improved User Experience:
    Shoppers prefer faster sites over slower ones, so having a site that loads quickly creates an improved shopping experience. The Volusion CDN gives you a better chance of keeping customers on your site longer while helping them visit more pages.
  • Crash Protection:
    Your site content is now mirrored from our datacenter to over 95,000 CDN servers. If any of these CDN servers, or even the broader Internet backbone, has more load than desirable, the system automatically reroutes traffic to the next closest server with the highest availability and performance. This ensures that your customers are routed around congestion, latency, and hardware failures.

In a nutshell, Volusion CDN makes your site faster and better performing, which leads to happier customers.

How do I enable Volusion CDN for my store?

Now that you’re excited about what Volusion CDN can do, it’s time to enable it.

First, make sure that you’re using our latest software version, V11. If you’re on a previous version, you’ll need to upgrade to V11 to utilize this exciting new feature.

If you’re currently on V11, enabling Volusion CDN is a simple process. Just follow these steps, and to get more valuable information, check out this Knowledge Base article.

  1. Go to Settings > Maintenance.
  2. In the Maintenance Toolbox list, click on the Enable CDN link.

Volusion CDN

And just like that, Volusion CDN is now enabled!

We hope you and your customers enjoy what this powerful addition will do for your online store. To learn more about Volusion CDN, I encourage you to check out the FAQs on our Volusion CDN page.

Don’t forget to buckle up – your site will be pushing the speed limit in no time!

Happy, and faster, selling!
-Jason Woosley, Head of Product, Volusion


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