Have Inboxes Become The Way To Consumers’ Hearts… and Pockets?

Permission Based Email
Permission based emailing (or “opt-in” emailing) has become a powerful tool for businesses. Inexpensive and easy to maintain, it seems like the perfect marketing tool for reaching a wide audience. But what do customers have to say about it? Studies have shown that they react positively to permission based emailing. From increasing brand recognition to influencing the purchase process, email is playing a vital role with today’s online shoppers.

  1. Shapes the Impression of a Brand
    Of those surveyed, 57% of consumers had a more positive impression of companies that they had purchased from when they received emails from them afterward. Not surprisingly, conducting email correspondence with customers on a regular basis tends to make the brand more personal to them. It also stresses dedication to customer service and interest in them and their purchasing needs. Businesses that email current customers and prospects forge a stronger bond with the customer because communication is opened up between both parties.
  2. Encourages Future Purchases
    57% of participants surveyed said that they remember emails that they have received from companies when they are going online to buy. This shows that companies with a strong email campaign may have a competitive advantage. If consumers are recalling emails that a company has sent when they are headed online ready to make a purchase chances are they will be looking at that company’s site first for the products/services they desire.
  3. Has A Lasting Impact
    Surprisingly, 72% of survey participants said that they will still review email from companies they know days or even weeks after it was originally sent. This statistic can give companies utilizing email marketing campaigns some reassurance that their efforts are not being deleted in bulk as consumers flush spam emails and emails that do not interest them out of their inbox. Consumers do, in fact, read emails from companies that they trust. They may postpone reading them if they are busy checking personal correspondences or replying to emails for work, but they do read them. In fact, 60% of those surveyed said that they will save emails from companies to review later when they are looking to purchase products that the company offers. Think about how long you save a newspaper or mailed flyer. Do you store it where you can easily find it and pull it out when you are ready to make a purchase? Probably not. In this sense, these permission based emails have a much greater lasting impact than other traditional forms of marketing.

Certainly spamming consumers or making it impossible to opt-out of email correspondence is a bad idea, but sending consumers that have provided you with permission to email them timely interesting information every so often can greatly strengthen your brand and increase sales. Senior vice president of Epsilon Strategic Services Kevin Mabley, puts it simply when he says, “E-mail builds loyalty and brand awareness and drives on and off-line behavior.”

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-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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