New Volusion Partners: Global Shopex, GoDataFeed, ShipStation

We’re excited to further expand the Volusion Partner Network, welcoming Global Shopex, GoDataFeed and ShipStation to the family! Read on to learn more about what they have to offer you and your Volusion store.


Our partner network just keeps getting bigger and better, and we’ve got three new members to prove it.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business across borders, conquer comparison shopping engines or make shipping easier than ever, these top-tier companies have the goods to take your business to the next level.

And now, we’d like to introduce you to our newest partners, Global Shopex, GoDataFeed and ShipStation!


Global Shopex

International logistics is a piece of cake with Global Shopex, which offers a fully integrated international checkout and shipping solution. With no upfront fees and easy setup, you’ll be selling to customers from over 150 countries in no time. Thanks to GSX, you can offer your international customers a localized checkout experience (including calculation of duties and taxes) to help grow your business across the globe.

Ready to make your mark on the world stage? Give Global Shopex a try.



As more and more online shoppers are looking for the best deals, having a solid presence on comparison shopping engines is of increasing importance to your success. Fortunately, with GoDataFeed, you can boost sales and visibility across over 70 shopping channels, including Google Shopping, Nextag, eBay and Amazon. This web-based software shows you how to become a shopping channel master, teaching you how to import data, optimize feeds, and much more.

To see how it all works, check out GoDataFeed today.



Want to save some time on your daily shipping operations? You’re in luck.

ShipStation is an online shipping solution that connects directly to your Volusion store. It’s designed to make shipping a breeze, allowing you to: create multiple labels in a flash, automatically update order status and tracking information directly in your Volusion store, and even help with returns management. By consolidating orders in a simple web interface, shipping with USPS, UPS or FedEx just got much easier.

To get started, check out ShipStation’s website.


Be sure to give these latest partners a warm welcome, and more important, check out what they have to offer and how it can help your online business boom. And stay tuned, because we’ve got even more new partners on the way!

7 Responses to “New Volusion Partners: Global Shopex, GoDataFeed, ShipStation”

  1. P

    On Global Shopex’s site, no information no how much they charge??? I find online, someone said 10% of the sale…. Need more info…

    • GlobalShopexTeam

      Hi P,

      Firstly I want to apologize for any confusion on our website about pricing structure. In terms our fees, we have a variety of options for the large variety of merchants we support. Because of this, it can be difficult to gather all of that information into one clear and cohesive format.

      We would absolutely love to speak with you about our pricing options and the services that we provide for our e-commerce merchants. Our integrated international check out and shipping solutions have been the key to international sales expansion for over 200 American merchants.

      If you are still interested in expanding your company’s sales through international shipping, please get in touch with us so we can show you how we can help you expand into the fast growing international e-commerce marketplace.

      Shoot us an email at so we can help you reach your worldwide sales potential!

      The GlobalShopex Team

  2. Nathan

    Looks good if your a USA customer. If your not then as usual you miss out!

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  4. david

    Interesting, but sending this information without pricing readily available is a hassle. For example, there is very little in the way of pricing info (read: none) on the Global Shopex website. I am always skeptical of these types of services that do not disclose costs right up front.


    That is for the Global Shopex set up instructions.


    Problem: “2. Fill in the form in article 101 and save your changes ton continue.”

    When i go to article 101 there is no Form to complete??


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