Morton Golf Sales Brings 50 Years of Service and Experience to Online Store

When Jennifer and Ken Morton decided to take their award winning brick-and-mortal business online, they expected that the site would be nothing more than a convenient way for local customers in the area to browse their products. Since opening Morton Golf Sales in 2005, they now offer their service-based golf shop to a clientele around the globe.

Morton Golf Sales is based completely around service. Their flagship store, the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is the most awarded golf shop in the country- winning the Golf World Top 100 Golf Shops an unprecedented 22 straight times. Its founder, Ken Morton, Sr., has been in the golf business for nearly 50 years – winning National PGA Merchandiser of the Year twice, the National PGA Professional of the Year once and is now a member of the PGA Hall-Of-Fame. Morton Golf extended a long-term lease with the City of Sacramento to operate the golf leases for the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, Bing Maloney Golf Complex, and the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course in Sacramento, California.

Rather than becoming one of hundreds of golf shops online that sell standard equipment, Jennifer and the crew at Morton Golf Sales capitalized on selling custom ordered golf clubs. “Intensive customer service and custom club ordering is hard and expensive. It’s the best way to sell a club. A golf club that is custom-fit in a player’s specifications with custom grinds, lofts, grips, shafts and finishes can be time and labor intensive transactions, but because very few people are taking the time and energy to pursue these sales– we’ve really found our niche,” says Jennifer.

Although Morton Golf Sales continues to grow its client base and exposure by using its online store, Jennifer’s scope goes beyond just their website. “We’ve partnered with several golf magazines and golf forums such as where we are a sponsor and continue to develop our reputation as THE place to go to for custom equipment.”

To learn more about their service or find the best golf ball for your game, just go to

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  1. Dan

    Haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with Morton, but have heard great things!

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  2. Tom Kruse

    MortonGolfSales is really great. I’ve dealt with them many times in the past and their customer service team- especially Jennifer (pictured) have been outstanding. It’s fun to see a beautiful face with the name now.


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