Microblogging: Using Twitter to Keep Your Customers Informed

Have you ever missed a sale because you didn’t know about it in time? Have you ever lost out on a limited edition product or missed an event because you weren’t in the loop? Chances are that if you have a product that people desire, your customers have missed out too.

Twitter has created a product that makes it fun and easy for you to keep up with your customers. Rather than posting entire blog posts or newsletters that can take up valuable time and resources, Twitter will allow you to send and receive short messages with other people using Twitter. You can receive messages via text message or email, and you can send messages with Twitter’s easy-to-use website or even your cell phone.

Twitter is fun for college kids keeping up with each other, but it can also be a useful tool for merchants. Do you have inventory that is frequently updated? Let your customers know when new shipments come in by sending them a message in less than five minutes. Do you have one or two day sales like many merchants had this past weekend? Announce them using Twitter. You can announce events like webinars, club meetings, parties, viral video releases, book signings, or really anything using Twitter. It can also be a useful tool to remind customers of these announcements, since people are inundated with messages these days anyway.

Twitter goes both ways though. Ask for feedback on a particular product. Ask what customers thought of an event, or ask for ideas for an event. Can’t think of a good blog post idea? Ask your customers what they want to know about using Twitter. The advantage of using Twitter is that you can reach your customers so quickly and unobtrusively.
How do you get customers to sign up for your Twitter updates? Here are some ideas:

1.) Remind them that it is really easy to sign up for Twitter. Unlike Myspace, a person can join Twitter AND invite all of their contacts to join Twitter in less than ten minutes.

2.) Export your contacts list into a Gmail, Windows Live, Yahoo or Hotmail account. Twitter will pull this contact list in and allow you to send invites to everyone on your contacts lists in less than a few minutes.

3.) Remind them of all the cool events or promotions they will receive by signing up!

Volusion microblogs in your Volusion Admin Area. How are you keeping up with customers? Learn how to write a blog for your store, and use Twitter to promote your blog and products.

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