Improve SEO and Conversion by Using Niche Sites

“I’ve optimized the content on my site as well as all of my metatags. I have quite a few backlinks built up. Much of my site is custom designed as well. Despite all of my work, I am not getting great traffic, and the customers who are going to my site just aren’t buying. What am I doing wrong?”

We do expect that when a store owner does the work to market their site and improve their products, they do better. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Competition is stiff and more and more sites are being added to the web everyday.

Fortunately for merchants with concerns such as the one above, there are options they are probably missing. If you read a post from several weeks ago called “Increase Your Online Sales by Marketing to a Niche”, you read about the benefits of narrowing your marketing scope to better corner a market. This concept does not just apply to new merchants. Existing merchants can separate their products into different niche sites to better optimize their site for usability and SEO.

Here are the advantages of separating your site into several niche sites rather than trying to be a jack of all trades:

1. ) Your site will be much easier to optimize for search engines. Your domain name will probably better reflect your product because your product is more specialized. The content on the page will better reflect specific keywords that customers are using. Your categories and metatags will also reflect more specific keywords. You can also get more relevant backlinks from sites that are chock full of useful keywords. It’s good all around for SEO.

2.) Your site will be much easier to use for your customers. Think about it—is it easier to find the Pinot Noir section in a Super Wal-Mart or in a wine store? The difference between buying from you and buying from another merchant is just a click away, so making it easy to find any product a customer wants is critical.

If you do happen to sell some of the same products on both sites, don’t sweat it. If you are a Volusion Version 5 customer who is on a gold plan or above, you can manage your inventory for both sites using StoneEdge. Here’s more information on setting up this XML feed.

Dominate a niche by dedicating a site to a specific type of product. It will make the work you do to your site that much more effective.

Happy Selling!

5 Responses to “Improve SEO and Conversion by Using Niche Sites”

  1. vincent

    volusion has alot to offer

  2. Chris

    Won’t this effect your Google rating? Having multiple sites with the same keywords.

  3. contextual links

    A contextual links strategy should be a part of anyone’s optimization campaign – well done.

  4. Wedding Slideshow

    Great ideas. I hadn’t thought about separating a big site into a separate nice sites but I will probably look into that further.

  5. air purifier

    Highly recommend using Volusion SEO tools. I think webmaster should pay more attention to “title” rather than site discription. Ex. if you are selling air purifier, you will need to start the title with “Air purifier ——“


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