Sell Online Through 2008: Six Steps for Marketing After the Holidays

All that is left under the tree are pine needles. Mom is diligently whipping up her famous post holiday concoction composed of turkey, stuffing, peas, a can of mushroom soup, and whatever else was leftover from dinner. You have already vowed to lose ten pounds (well, after all the holiday cookies are gone). The holidays are over, but do your big sales numbers have to be over as well?

Maintaining momentum after the holidays takes initiative. Hopefully you took advantage of the increase in traffic by gearing your store around gift-giving, and now you will have to push towards either a New Years theme or back to your look before the holiday season took off. Here are some other steps for maintaining momentum after the holidays:

1.) Make it easy to redeem gift cards, and offer gift card users upsell items. How often have you received a gift card and only spent the exact amount on the card? Gift card users will often take out their credit cards to purchase the exact items they want, so take advantage of the upsell opportunities.

2.) Advertise a post holiday sale. This could mean changing up your search engine marketing campaign. Microsoft’s adCenter blog offers some good tips for changing your post-holiday SEM campaigns.

3.) Change the verbage on your site to better address your audience. Very few people are looking for gifts after the holidays. Should your site address these issues, or should you be highlighting your newest and latest sale items? Do you have a year-end closeout? Don’t be lazy–what is your post-holiday angle?

4.) Keep track of what worked for the year. How did your SEM campaigns go? What were your best and worst selling products? How did any split testing pan out?

5.) Take advantage of big holiday traffic. Did you get more email addresses for your newsletter list? Don’t let those holiday customers forget about your great sales, useful advice, or helpful customer service. Sending targeted newsletters in the next few months can mean the difference between having one-time holiday customers and loyal customers for life.

6.) While working on your closeouts, figure out what the next step is for 2008. This could mean asking your customers what they are wanting in the future. Does your site need a new design? Are there new products they are looking for in the upcoming year? Did they have a positive experience this holiday season? Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback.

The 2007 holiday season saw record sales figures, and planning and preparation can bring those great sales numbers well into 2008.


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