Kevin Sproles Nominated for The 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year

We are pleased to announce that Volusion’s own CEO, Kevin Sproles, has been chosen as one of five finalists for Entrepreneur Magazine’s “2008 Entrepreneur of the Year”!

Kevin’s constant drive and passion keep his team motivated to develop and promote the best Ecommerce Solution on the market. I can’t imagine working for a better CEO, or someone that is more deserving of this award.

Here’s what a few of Kevin’s other employees had to say:
– “He’s the hardest working guy i know, and helps motivate everyone around him to push harder.”
– “I always wanted to work for a company that treated me like a person and not a number. With Kevin as my boss, I feel like my opinion truly matters here.”
– “Kevin is a visionary. He continues to push us to create the best, most innovative products out there while always making sure we are serving the customer’s needs.”
– “Kevin’s one of the most driven people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His focus and dedication to this company and its employees is inspiring.”
-“His vision is impeccable. He’s like an 80 year old soul in a 25 year old body.”
– “Kevin’s outlook for the future of our company and the overall business acumen continues to surprise me even after working with him for over two years. I truly love being part of this company and the journey that he is helping to guide for all of us here.”

Congratulations Kevin! Please take a moment to cast your vote for Kevin today at (Please act now, voting ends on August 20th).

You can learn more about Kevin and how Volusion got its start back in 1999 by visiting the About Volusion page.

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