IRCE 2009 Day Two Recap

During our second day at the IRCE 2009 (or as Volusion enterprise consultant Justin Manning has dubbed it “the 10 hour marathon”) we met a number of interesting people. From first thing this morning when doors opened right up until the end when people started leaving in search of Boston’s famed “clam chowda” we had people stopping by the booth to get more information about Volusion. We even got a picture with “The Question Mark Guy” Matthew Lesko!

Around lunchtime we almost had a crisis after Terra inflicted a pretty serious berry stain on James’ white shirt but luckily there was a Tide stain remover pen in our supplies! We’re still not sure how it happened exactly but thankfully the crisis was averted!

In between greeting booth visitors and removing stains we have been closely following #IRCE on Twitter.
Here are a few of the day’s most informative tweets:

  • @overstock: If you missed Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne’s keynote address at #IRCE 2009, check it out!
  • @jfg17: Presenting data in figures and an alternative, visual format will improve comprehension across a diverse group of people/learners #IRCE
  • @JohnBSteven: Merchant Quote of the Day: Patrick Byrne, CEO, “Staple a bookkeeper to your marketer” #IRCE
  • @adwordslessons: Add content for all categories of items that you sell – L. Freedman #IRCE #obviousbutoverlooked

And here are a few of the day’s funniest tweets:

  • @Ibexwool: #irce The Care Bears called and want their rainbow stage prop back.
  • @danauns27 #irce tip: Do not keep your Weston room key in your pocket with your phone, unless you like to hang out in the hallway. #locked.out
  • @nathanjones: #IRCE running word count from the presentations: actionable: 14; long-tail: 11; tipping-point: 33; ameliorate: 1; myrmecophilous: 0
  • @ScottG13 Current iPhone to attendee ratio: 2-1. #IRCE You think I”m kidding. I found four in a candy bowl earlier.

We have already given out “The Next Big Idea” to a number of visitors to our booth. If you’re curious stop by tomorrow to find out more!

In case you missed it yesterday, this is the photo of the Boston Convention Center that we posted from our Twitter account (

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