IRCE 2009 Day Three – Final Recap

Kevin Sproles IRCE 2009

The last day of the IRCE 2009 was full of excitement. Our CEO, Kevin Sproles accompanied us at the booth after having attended seminars all day yesterday. We had some great conversations with visitors about the Volusion software as well as PCI compliance. We were surprised to learn that many online business owners do not have a good understanding of what PCI compliance is and why it is so important for online stores. If you are looking for the status of a particular provider please see Visa’s independently maintained PCI compliant list.

Here are a few of the day’s most informative tweets:
@clouvi: Great point for any entrepreneur: Don’t wait for the recovery; get ready for it! #irce
@jasonkyle: #irce forrester research confirms: people would rather scroll than squint. We do NOT have to cram content above the fold.
@tomstrubel #irce deloitte quote “more change in retail ops in next 5 yrs than in last 20 yrs, all driven by multi-channel complexity…”
@AngeStar #IRCE2009 SEO is slow and steady. 2 more people converting per page can mean 25% increase in business. slow & steady.

And here are a few of the day’s funniest tweets:
@ibexgirl lots of suits in track F, good thing i didnt wear my flip flops #IRCE
@JasonRubacky: And yet another lobster roll!! w00t #irce
@qmuniforms: Tweeting about Twitter at the social media session at #IRCE
@peacechicken: Co-worker and I both won ten bucks from buysafe, it’s not a Lexus but I’ll take it! #irce

We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth! We look forward to seeing you next year!

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