Introducing Our Newest Partners and New Tools Section

Our partner network is at it again, growing by leaps and bounds. Read on to see what our newest partners and new Tools section can do for you.


We’re always working to expand our partner network and and connect your online store to best-in-breed apps, integrations, and more. That’s why we’re proud to announce not only a slew of new partners, but the introduction of our Tools section as well.

The new Tools section is where you’ll find partners that help you expand your capabilities and streamline your integrations. Whether small, medium or large business, this eclectic collection of partners and apps is sure to bolster your online success.

And now, without further ado, here are the latest additions to our network:



Type of Partner: Tools

What they do: Doogma allows you to sell a whole host of customizable items in your online store, giving your customers the power to personalize and purchase design-their-own items.

Learn more about Doogma.



Type of Partner: Tools

What they do: Kevy automatically syncs data between your store and other cloud apps like Salesforce, MailChimp, Bronto and more. Think of it as a way to easily streamline a number of integrations.

See Kevy’s integrations.



Type of Partner: Tools

What they do: Vextras simplifies integrations by giving you three integrations in one. By easily connecting your online store to Mandrill, HighRise and MailChimp, it helps you run your business efficiently and get more done.

See Vextras’ integrations.



Type of Partner: Accounting

What they do: 1800Accountant makes accounting and taxes easy. Their team of professionals is highly experienced, specializing in small business tax preparation and accounting.

Learn more about 1800Accountant.



Type of Partner: Shipping

What they do: ShippingEasy is a cloud-based plugin that makes shipping effortless. They have a number of  rich features, discounted USPS rates and even offer a free plan for merchants who ship less than 50 packages per month.

Learn more about ShippingEasy.



Type of Partner: Marketing

What they do: TestFreaks matches your product catalog with their database of expert and consumer reviews and pushes matched reviews and ratings to your product pages. And with 70% of online shoppers checking customer reviews before they make a purchase, the pay off is huge.

Learn more about TestFreaks.


Keep an eye out as we continue to recruit the best integrations and add-ons. To see all of our partners, be sure to check out the Volusion Partner Network.


Gracelyn was a Communications Specialist at Volusion. She has a BA in English and Philosophy from Rice University, and when not reading or writing, she's dancing, meeting new people or winning staring contests with her cat.

5 Responses to “Introducing Our Newest Partners and New Tools Section”

  1. Rick Hemsworth

    I have just received a call from Lars, who has explained to me that the key reason was that they to not cover many of the furniture and Lighting products that we specialize in. We had a long chat about the future of TestFreaks and the possibility that the categories may be covered down the road. From what I learned, we will look forward to being a part of that when the the time comes. In the mean time, it sounds like really good fit for sites with more of an electronics or similar commodity focus.

  2. Rick Hemsworth

    I thought that the whole TestFreaks thing sounded excellent. We have 50,000 products and do over a million in sales per year, so we thought they would be a great addition. Unfortunately, we misunderstood when it says above that they push product reviews to a site. . . . Not to ours apparently . . .though they have yet to explain why, but did offer us their email feedback system. If anyone knows of a company that ” Matches your product catalog with their database of expert and consumer reviews and pushes matched reviews and ratings to your product pages”, I’d love to hear about them.

  3. Evelyn

    I have hundreds of abandoned carts with no way of getting the customers back. Big Commerce have an abandoned cart recovery system that retrieve the customers information.

  4. Eric

    My website is by volusion. Anyway to import all my marketplace like Amazon, eBay orders into volusion so I can use just one place to manage them all?

  5. Sandy

    I would like to see a abandoned cart saver feature added this is pivotal in on-line conversion and already offered for free at e-commerce sites like BigCommerce.


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