Improve Site Conversion: Help Your Customers Pick Out The Right Holiday Gift

Everybody has been disappointed by that holiday gift that they didn’t want. It’s not that you received something you can’t use–it’s that your loved one failed to notice the items that you use or would like to use everyday.

You can’t completely prevent a husband from giving the bowing ball to the wife who doesn’t bowl, but you can use your site to guide him to a better decision. Here are some steps to take to make picking a gift on your site easier than ever:

1.) Post a “Gift Ideas” section on your site. Not every gift recipient is the same, but posting gift giving trends in your industry or unique ideas can help customers choose what’s best for their loved ones. Having a “Top Sellers” section can help achieve this as well.

2.) Post shipping cutoff dates on your site. It’s great to pick out the right gift for someone. It’s not so great when that item arrives two days late. The major carriers show holiday shipping cut off on their sites, and reminding customers of these dates can prevent holiday shoppers from slacking until its too late.

3.) Encourage your customers to call or email you and ask for advice. Sales people in brick-and-mortar stores can be very helpful in choosing gifts, why can’t you? Use your experience selling to others to help prospective customers make the right choice.

4.) Do not rely too much on technical specs to convert sales. A person might look at tech specs when they actually know what those specs mean, but what if they aren’t familiar with that type of product? Be sure to include uses for each item in your product description.

5.) Don’t forget to promote the all-too-convenient gift card. It might seem like a cop out, but giving a gift card feels better than going out on a limb and buying the wrong gift. Make this gift-giving safety net easy to find on your site.

What is the worst or wackiest gift you’ve ever received? Enlighten other gift givers by posting a comment about the experience.


2 Responses to “Improve Site Conversion: Help Your Customers Pick Out The Right Holiday Gift”

  1. Gary

    The worst gift I ever received is a tie between a 1 liter carton of old, stale Milk Duds candies and a wooden, mallard duck, the head having been broken off and then super-glued back on. These were given by the same prototypical, wacky aunt/uncle that always gave people odd-ball gifts for Christmas.


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