How to Use Facebook Promoted Posts for Your Business Page

Believe it or not, the messages you post on your Facebook business page are only being seen by a small fraction of your fan base. Thanks to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, only the most important content is showing up in your fans’ newsfeeds. And if certain fans haven’t engaged with your page in a while, it’s quite likely that they’re not seeing a word of your Facebook marketing efforts. One long-term strategy is to boost your Facebook engagement, but if you need to get more eyeballs on your content in a flash, there’s a relatively new advertising option known as promoted posts.

Essentially, a promoted post allows you to pay for your updates to appear in people’s newsfeeds, which is particularly important when you need to share a big sale or great piece of content. But as with every type of advertising, there’s a few things you need to know before getting started. To learn more about how you can successfully use promoted posts for your Facebook page, check out today’s video for five quick tips.

Happy selling!

-Matt Winn, Volusion


Matt Winn is Volusion’s Senior Brand Manager, where he helps oversee the organization’s branding and communications efforts. Matt has created hundreds of articles, videos and seminars on all things ecommerce, ranging from online marketing to web design and customer experience. Beyond being a certified nerd, Matt is an avid college football fan, enthusiastic home cook and a self-admitted reality TV junkie.

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  2. Patrick

    Keep in mind a promoted post also counts the normal generic counts. If you normally have 500 people seeing a post from normal and viral use and pay for 500 imprints you paid for nothing. To effectively use it you need to aim in the multiples higher then you usually do.

    The irony we have seen with promoted posts is good content will have higher generic content then the paid for promoted posts. Sorry Matt but promoted posts should be for mediocre content at best or low content relevant information to snag some “this is worth a look” traffic.


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