How to Push Customers through the Buying Cycle

Feel like your marketing efforts are the equivalent of shooting in the dark?

If you’ve never considered the customer buying cycle, you might feel a bit lost. In a nutshell, the customer buying cycle is the process that shoppers go through before making a purchase. By delivering relevant information at each stage of this process, you’ve got a better chance of moving them closer to purchase.

In today’s episode, we’ll walk you through the most common model of the customer buying cycle. And if you have any further questions, our support experts are here to help!


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One Response to “How to Push Customers through the Buying Cycle”

  1. Matt Malanga

    I tend to think of the buying cycle as more of “pull” than a “push”. Once a prospect is far enough down the buying cycle, then sales leads can be generated, shifting the conversation from pull to push. My view on this is covered on my site.


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