How to End Startup Stress

We recently discussed tips on How to Create a Company Culture that Keeps it Simple, but there’s so much more to consider from an HR perspective when building an online business from the bottom up.

That’s why our Director of Human Resources, Sandra Nguyen, is back to help answer some of your most frequently asked questions. From developing a mission statement to recruiting strong candidates for your company, she covers it all.

Check out her thoughts below and learn how to end startup stress in a snap.

Do I need a mission statement for my small business?

If it’s a meaningful mission statement that describes what your company does and what it stands behind  in a way that adds value to your organization, then yes. However, if there is no clearly defined reason, then no. A mission statement should help guide your company. It should be one that you and your team members can frequently refer to in helping ensure goals and decisions are aligned with the overall objectives of the business.

How do you effectively communicate ideas in the office?

We have quarterly happy surveys that encourage employees to provide suggestions and ideas – many of our perks were derived directly from our happy surveys. We have such a creative and engaged team of Volusioneers – I often get stopped in the halls by employees wanting to share a random idea and we’ll just run with it. Also, as mentioned earlier – we have an Open Door policy at Volusion so our employees are not shy with sharing ideas with us and that’s great!

How can I recruit strong candidates to work at my business?

Creating and cultivating a desirable company culture is key and I believe it starts early on during the interview process and does not end even when you onboard an employee. Although the candidate may not be a fit for the opportunity, he/she may have friends or family that are – so always ensure you provide the best candidate experience.

When posting opportunities on job boards, be sure to clearly articulate requirements and share insights into company culture which in turn will help attract top talent. Be upfront and honest with challenges you see in the role, top talent won’t shy away from challenges –in fact, they will embrace them and be motivated to tackle them head on.

How do you celebrate team success?

We always find a reason to celebrate wins and ensure they are meaningful and genuine here at Volusion. Celebrations can range from small departmental engagements to large organization wide fiestas that include all employees. Some recent ones included a happy hour hot wings celebration and a smaller one where leaders stood up to recognize an employee/team that was instrumental in helping us achieve a milestone.

We also recognize our Volusioneers through a weekly email that provides a summary of specific comments that are sent in from our customers, colleagues and leadership team. It’s great to be able to share those with everyone, and it provides much needed visibility into each team and how they contribute to our overall success.


Still have a few questions for Sandra? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below and we’ll make sure that she gets back to you!

Happy Selling!


Sandra Nguyen, Director of Human Resources, has been part of the Volusion team for five years. She began her work in Sales, which allowed her to understand our product. She also worked closely with Volusion CEO, Clay Olivier, on various operational projects, which she considers one of the many perks of working with a small company.

Prior to that, Sandra worked as a Senior Higher Education Account Manager at Apple where she managed Northeast Higher Education accounts and worked with Account Executives to coordinate with pre and post-sales issues.

Some of her accomplishments include obtaining a PHR in 2008, Excellence Award in 2010, Top Workplaces in Austin Awards in 2011 & 2012 and helping to manage the growth at Volusion from 50 to 260+ employees. Most importantly, she’s a proud mother of two boys! 


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