How Online Credit Card Processing Works

At the end of the day, we’re all in business to make money.

And while this may be common knowledge, what isn’t so well-known is the actual process in which payments are communicated over the Internet. Having a better understanding of how online credit card processing works will help you paint a clearer picture of this ever-important, well, process.

Beyond explaining the flow of payment information on the information superhighway, stay tuned to the end of the video, where you’ll get some of my bonus tips when looking into an online credit card processing provider.

3 Responses to “How Online Credit Card Processing Works”

  1. Mark D

    This is a fine video for folks getting started but I would love to see a real in depth webinar on the subject. There are several parties involved in the process and I’m not clear on their roles. I also think it would be helpful to have a better understanding of the various charges that get levied when processing cards.

  2. Avis Rosenlund

    I have been talking with Meagan Dollins about my trial site. Since I have been taking credit cards via credit card machine at shows, I already have a CC account. they told me that the gateway they use is Is that compatible with Volusion if I go with you. I currently am hosted thru a company that uses Shopsite Manager……not sure about that as I am on a 7 day trial with them; seems like support is off shore. Please let me know. Also, I have a logo that was designed for me when I started business and I would like it incorporated into my website. (I am a glass artist) Thanks!

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi Avis,

      Meagan will be reaching out to you to answer your questions. Thanks so much for reading!


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