Groomsday Engages with Volusion and Experiences Record Sales

Online store, Groomsday, reaches success with Volusion shopping cart software

We’re excited to share another customer success story with you. This time we’re reporting from North Reading, Massachusetts to meet Jonathan Gouveia, Founder of the wildly popular online store, Groomsday. is a one-stop shop for all groomsmen items, offering classic, personalized gifts for the men’s side of the wedding aisle.

This past wedding season, Groomsday experienced a 70% increase in sales by expanding its marketing efforts, which included coupon promotions via Twitter. Since switching to Volusion in 2005, Jonathan’s business has seen his sales double each year.

The Beginning

Jonathan had served as a groomsman more times than he could count. “You could say back then I was always a groomsman and never a groom.” After receiving a string of lousy gifts, including a 30-pack of Coors Light, a light bulb went off. “I felt there was an opportunity to help grooms out and make choosing gifts easy and painless.” Upon conducting market research, in 2003 Jonathan decided to open Groomsday to make life easier for grooms all over.

When first opening shop, Jonathan opted for open source solution OS Commerce, but quickly found the platform to be clunky. “I had difficulty making changes to the site – it was too time consuming. At one point I lost all my information and I just didn’t have the patience for it.” Shortly after, he ran into what is known as an “open port issue,” where someone figured out how to hack his site to piggy back on his bandwidth. “At that point, I was done. We lost credibility and I realized we had to find a legitimate platform.”

The Switch

After some thought and consideration, Groomsday made the switch to Volusion in 2005. Thanks to the built-in features and unlimited support, Jonathan has been able to focus on growing his business. “For me, my success has come from Volusion’s support. They’ve helped me take the focus off of site maintenance and onto business development. Unlike other competitors of Volusion, I can just submit a ticket and count on getting it resolved quickly.”

Since the switch, Groomsday has built a much stronger social presence. Most recently, they’ve been offering discounts through Twitter. The company has also put together a successful blog that offers various tips for wedding planning, honeymoon destinations and great gifts. These efforts, in addition to enhanced SEO capabilities, have made Groomsday a player in the large wedding gift market. “I really do feel I’m in the best hands with Volusion’s software and business support and I’m not spending millions of dollars.”

The Outcome

So how can you take what Groomsday has done and turn it into success for your very own online business? Jonathan’s advice is to have a solid plan before you start building your site. This is simple, but often overlooked in the excitement of getting started. Having a plan and sticking to it will keep you on track, get your site up faster and save lots of money in design tweaks. Once the site is up, Jonathan also recommends targeting natural search to up your page rank and customer quality, then constantly make changes to your site to increase conversions.

When asked to what Groomsday can attribute its success, the response was simple. “Willpower.” By keeping his drive and determination to succeed at the forefront, Jonathan was able to build and launch his business on a shoestring budget. This is great advice for anyone selling online, regardless of industry or financial situation.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to for sharing their success story with us. We’re proud to have played a part in the skyrocketing business growth and are excited to continue our partnership into the future. So if you or someone you know has a wedding coming up, stop by for classic groomsmen gifts! (30-pack of Coors Light unavailable.)

Happy selling!


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