Volusion Product Update: Greatly Improved SEO with Schema.org Enhancements

With the launch of V13 in August, Volusion introduced a powerful new feature that gave our merchants the ability to display rich snippets in organic search results for product ratings and reviews:

seo0 Setting a Foundation for SEO with Product Categorization

One of the major benefits of this feature has been the ability for our merchants to become more visible in organic search results. Notice how much the star ratings enhance the above listing regardless of positioning in the results? We know it’s common for customers to make purchase decisions based on product ratings and reviews. BusinessWeek reports that 70% of shoppers consult ratings or reviews before purchasing! With this information displayed in search results, not only is the click-through-rate improved but there’s a better chance to convert more sales.

There are other forms of rich snippets (enhanced listings) that can be displayed in search results beyond simply star ratings. Information such as product pricing, product availability, product video thumbnails and more can be marked up for consideration. If shown in search results – just like ratings and reviews, this additional information can influence a user’s decision to click on a listing and make a purchase.

That said, Volusion is happy to announce we’ve expanded our support for rich snippet displays to include more markup in accordance with Schema.org.

Schema.org Enhancements

In particular we’ve added the following:

  1. Added Product and Offer item types from Schema.org markup for all product elements
    • Product item type includes: product name, description, image, manufacturer, productID and order
    • Offer item type includes: price, availability and item condition
  2. Added VideoObject item type of Schema.org for videos on product detail pages
    • VideoObject item type includes: youtubevideo:url, video caption: description
  3. Updated the aggregate rating of product reviews to follow the Schema.org library
    • The itemscope itemtype now uses AggregateRating
    • The itemprop values used are now “ratingValue” and “reviewCount”
    • The above changes have been made to the product details, category results, search results, and home (feature products) page
  4. Added the Organization item type of Schema.org for organization objects (About Us  page & global logo)
    • This enhancement gives merchants the ability to markup their company name and store type on the About Us page

With these new enhancements Volusion merchants will have even more opportunity to increase their visibility in organic search results, thus potentially increasing organic search traffic. This gives Volusion merchants a tremendous competitive edge and helps them achieve their search engine optimization goals.

Current Volusion merchants should read this Schema.org article for more specifics about these enhancements and any actions needed. Use Google’s structured data testing tool to preview how search engine listings may appear with rich snippets.

If you are not currently using Volusion’s award-winning ecommerce software to power your online store, get started with a free trial today.



Nathan Joynt is the Marketing SEO Manager at Volusion, with over 8 years of professional search engine optimization, content marketing and website information architecture experience. He has helped many large and small ecommerce businesses maximize their organic search potential including several Internet Retailer top 500 companies. Nathan has a degree in music, likes to make up songs and thinks he could be a rock star, but most people agree - he's better at his day job. Have an SEO question for Nathan? Reach out on Twitter with #VolusionSEO

16 Responses to “Volusion Product Update: Greatly Improved SEO with Schema.org Enhancements”

  1. Margot

    This is great, thank you!! I just started using Yatpo reviews — will those eventually get connected to Schema so these type of product ratings show up in the Google snippets?

  2. Naresh

    Thanx for the article! The impact of Schema.org will be big on SEO because of the “standard” way to provide information.

  3. Brenda

    This is great, Volusion! But I have noticed that since it was implemented, I can see the rating in the Google test tool but it does not show up in a Google search. This has been since August and I check consistently.
    Additionally, is there the possibility of including a thumbnail of the product in the listing? (i.e., the same that is shown within the examples in the Google testing tool?) Many thanks!

  4. Brendan

    …ignore me, shows snippet in the rich snippet tester, guess its just google being google

    • Doug

      Did your reviews show back up in Google since the schema.org change by Volusion? We had the same issue, reviews were showing and now don’t, even though they show as OK in the webmaster rich snippet tool.

  5. Brendan

    Interestingly we did have reviews showing up in the serp for one client but about a week or so ago they all disappeared, sure the rich snippet code is working correctly?

  6. Aaron

    I noticed these additions to our code this week. For everyone who’s confused on how to utilize this new feature, it’s not up to you. This is just a coding addition that Volusion has implemented on all Volusion stores. It’s a detailed and thorough organization schema that delivers your website content to the search engine robots in an organized and easily-manageable way. It’s already in effect, and depending on the original text content of your site, we may notice slight increases in organic rankings by next week at the earliest.

  7. Bryan

    It works for our product pages, you can see it here for http://www.medicalcarealert.com results https://www.google.com/search?q=medical+care+alert+home+medical+alert+system

    I dont see our videos showing up anywhere however.

  8. Jamie

    I don’t see the update on search results either & when I put a link into the Googles testing tool it shows what it should look like but also details ‘Page does not contain publisher markup’ so something hasn’t been implemented.

    Oh, and your example of lauras lotions is a photoshopped version of Neutrogena’s google result, last time I checked they weren’t a Volusion store owner. Any chance we can get a real example from a Volusion store?

  9. Karen

    Hmm. Sounds like a great feature, but it is not working for my pages either. I’ve tested a few products that have customer reviews attached to them, but no star rating is shown in the structured data testing tool. Not seeing the price information either.

  10. Dawn

    AWESOME! Great job Volusion… it’s nice to feel appreciated :)

  11. Patrick

    I think I am sharing Joe’s confusion. Are these enhancements enabled by default by Schema.org mining our existing product fields? Or does it require action to enable?

  12. Joe Arbogast

    Is there KB article or any info on how to use this feature?


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