Getting Started with Volusion: Shipping Labels

In order to ship your products, you’ll need shipping labels. Check out this post to learn more about your options when it comes to shipping label printing, and how you can utilize our partners to get even more done.


Shipping is an integral part of doing business online. But before you can get a product into your customer’s hot little hands, you’ll need a shipping label to send it to them. With your Volusion store, you have two main options when it comes to shipping label printing:

  1. Printing them yourself in your Volusion store admin
  2. Utilizing a shipping label partner

Let’s learn a little more about each option and their benefits:


1. Printing your own

Within your store admin, you can easily and conveniently generate your own shipping labels. Simply go to Orders > Process Orders, find the order in question and click on its Order ID. Then, locate the Print section to the right of the order information, and click on the shipping service you’d like to print the label for.

 Shipping Labels in your Volusion Store Admin

Once you’ve selected the kind of shipping label you’d like to create, you’ll want to enter the order weight, dimensions and configure the additional shipping settings. Also be sure to enter a phone number for both the shipping origin and destination settings, otherwise an error will appear when you try to create the label.

  • Quick tip: If you’d like the phone number for your shipping origin to automatically appear in all of the shipping labels you create, go to Settings > Shipping, scroll down to the Shipping Origin section, enter your phone number and hit Save.

Once you’ve entered in all of the shipping label information, you can create your label by clicking the Get Label button near the bottom of the page. The shipping label page will then reload and give you the View/Print Label option at the top of the page so you can print.

If you’ve done all that, then you’re set to go! Here are some extra things to remember when it comes to printing labels:

  • This feature can only print labels for FedEx, USPS and DHL carriers
  • These labels do not feature any allotment for postage, so you’ll have to generate or purchase postage separately


2. Using a shipping label partner

Another option you have is using a shipping label partner. Utilizing a shipping label partner has two big benefits:

  1. They help you get more done by letting you print shipping labels in bulk
  2. You can pay for shipping through these partners so the labels you print will include postage. This means you can skip the trip to a special location to acquire it separately.

When you decide to work with a shipping label partner, the process behind acquiring your shipping labels will change slightly. Here’s how things work with a shipping label partner:

  • Your shipping label partner uses the API to pull orders out of Volusion, so all order information, including customer’s shipping method selection, will appear when you log in to the shipping label partner’s admin.
  • From here, you can view the orders and print shipping labels in bulk. All you have to do is select a shipping method for each order (or confirm the shipping method that the customer selected during checkout) and print.
  • Then, instead of paying for shipping separately, you can pay for shipping from within the shipping label partner admin. That way, you get to print real, fully-paid labels at non-FedEx, non-UPS, non-USPS locations.
  • Your shipping label partner generates tracking numbers for your shipping labels, just like how FedEx, UPS or USPS would assign a number if you were purchasing postage from them.
  • After that, the shipping label partner sends the updated order information (often times, this just means the tracking number) back into  Volusion via API, and the information is updated as needed. Once your Volusion store has the new information, Volusion can send an Order Shipped email, complete with the tracking numbers. The order is marked as Shipped, the customer will receive the Order Shipped email and you’ll be all set to move on to the next order of business.

Note: Since shipping label partners need Volusion API access, working with these partners is only available for Gold Plans and above.


Who are some of Volusion’s shipping label partners?

If working with a shipping label partner sounds like it’d be a good fit for your business, here are some of our partners who can help you out:

All three of these partners are web-based, so no messy software installation is needed, and they can all work with both Macs and PCs.


At the end of the day, shipping labels are going to be a part of your business, so why not make them as easy as possible? Whether it’s printing them from your Volusion store admin or using a shipping labels partner, your business is sure to get what it needs in a convenient way.

Don’t forget: Just as partners can help with shipping labels, they can also aid your business in a number of other ways. Be sure to check out our partners page and see what they can do for you.

Happy selling!
-Gracelyn Tan, Volusion


Gracelyn was a Communications Specialist at Volusion. She has a BA in English and Philosophy from Rice University, and when not reading or writing, she's dancing, meeting new people or winning staring contests with her cat.

6 Responses to “Getting Started with Volusion: Shipping Labels”

  1. John

    I’m new to Volusion and I want to order shipping label stationary. However I need to know what size to order? Can you help. I’m based in the UK.

  2. Dawn

    I wish that Volusion could be tied in with USPS for printing PAID shipping labels. The way it is, it is time consuming and inefficient, but for some reason, USPS won’t let Volusion do this?

  3. Bryan

    nice job explaining the basics of how this works. Its not easy to understand.

    • Gracelyn Tan

      I absolutely agree that it can be a little tricky at first , Bryan. I hope this post was able to help. Thanks for reading!

  4. Sara

    Question: How am I billed for printing my own shipping labels? Is it deducted through the order I printed a label for? OR am I billed separately for it? Thanks

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi, Sara. If you print your labels within the Volusion Admin Area, there is no fee. However, keep in mind that labels printed within your Volusion Admin Area have no postage applied, so you’ll need to pay for postage separately through your chosen shipping carrier.
      If you print your labels using a shipping label partner, you are generally billed separately for the total amount of postage used during the billing period. But I’d encourage you to contact your specific shipping label partner to get more details on their billing methods. Thanks for reading!


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