Live Chat Software Released, FREE for All PC Users

An instant way to communicate with your online customers!

Austin, TX (Volusion Inc.) July, 2006 – “What’s the quickest way to increase sales on my ecommerce site, without paying any money?” This was one answer to the question, “What have customers asked lately?” Little did anyone know that the routine evaluation would turn into something that has yet to be done in eCommerce, the development of free live chat software. Volusion Live Chat, a 100% hosted live chat software solution (meaning there’s nothing to install on your servers), is a FREE offer to any and all PC users (yes, even non-Volusion customers) wishing to have a way to communicate instantly with their online customers.

“We are constantly evaluating ways to help our online store owners sell more effectively and feedback is a part of how that’s determined” says James, Sales Manager at Volusion. In a monthly meeting, members of Volusion’s Sales Staff mentioned that several customers (whether current or future) had asked questions on how to find and install third party chat software on their site. Customers were catching on to the importance of getting answers to their online customers in a timely manner, shown to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales amongst other things. Talk of creating Volusion’s own live chat software quickly began and what started out as a way to make the documentation clearer, quickly turned into the development of Volusion’s own live chat software. “We sent the idea to our development department and we all agreed that a live chat service would be a great thing to offer our customers. Two days after the meeting, work on Volusion Live Chat began”.

There are several reasons Volusion Live Chat is good for the success of a merchant’s online business. Real-time live help and live customer support is given to the customer at the exact time and instance they need answers. It helps save money and resources; live online support is less expensive than telephone support and several chats can be received by a single chat operator. Volusion Live Chat lowers shopping cart abandonment in giving quick online answers, helping complete the sales cycle. And not only is the process of asking questions and receiving feedback easy for the customer, it’s easy for the merchant as well.

What started out as a way to help Volusion’s current merchants became a way to help all online store owners communicate more effectively with their customers.

For additional information on the benefits of Volusion Live Chat Software and to signup for the free service, please click here.

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  1. chat operator

    I love to get a real human being when I need help. Nothing is more frustrating than wading through 10 min of automated menus, only to be disconnected or have my problem unanswered.

  2. Live Chat Directory

    Great to hear the launch of your free version. We would like to review your software and give it a try to publish on our directory. Good luck.


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