Strategies for Those Who Took the Retargeting Plunge

Our friends from AdRoll are back with more retargeting wisdom! If you’re looking for some ways to increase sales and build brand loyalty, you won’t want to miss this post.


Last November, I highlighted some important considerations for The Ecommerce Authority readers who were thinking about retargeting, but hadn’t fully committed yet. For those of you who’ve taken the plunge, congratulations — you’re wisely using one of the highest-performing online advertising solutions available. So today, I’m going to help you make the most of your efforts by walking you through some of the campaign strategies we’ve seen work extremely well for ecommerce marketers.

Here are two highly effective retargeting strategies:


Closing the deal: How to get shoppers to actually buy your products

So you’re currently retargeting – you’ve placed the pixel, begun building a user list and started serving branded ads to site visitors. While you’re seeing clicks and conversions add up, you really want to take your efforts to the next level and reap even further profit. Here’s what you can do:

  • Segment site visitors by the product pages they’ve viewed and serve them creative ads that incorporate visuals and text pertaining to those products. Don’t waste money by promoting your brands to “all users” when certain visitors have already expressed interest in specific goods.
  • Shorten cookie durations to show ads to those who have most recently browsed your products. Use your advertising to ‘strike when the iron’s hot.’
  • Try different kinds of ad sizes and different retargeting channels like Facebook Exchange. This way, you’ll be covering all your bases to ensure site visitors actually see your ads!


Buy again, save more: How to set up loyalty campaigns to reward repeat buyers

Simply put, loyalty campaigns, or campaigns rewarding further purchases from repeat customers, are win-win opportunities that every marketer should leverage. With them, advertisers are able to sell more product and increase brand adoption, while shoppers are able to save precious coin.

At AdRoll, we found loyalty campaigns for advertisers in the retail and tech industries garnered 100% more click conversions over the 2012 holiday season than campaigns targeting the “all users” segment.

Want to start your own loyalty campaign? Here’s how:

  • Create a campaign targeting your converted list with ads acknowledging past purchase history, and offering a discount for further purchases. It’s helpful to even exclude, or negatively target, users who have converted in the past 7 to 14 days. This brings brands top-of-mind for those customers who haven’t visited and purchased in a while

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more advanced retargeting strategies in my next post!


Jonathan Lau, Content & Marketing Manager at AdRoll, the #1 Retargeting Platform.

Before transitioning to Marketing, Jonathan originally joined AdRoll’s Advertising Operation team, after almost two years in Google’s Online Sales organization. He possesses a rich understanding of the online advertising ecosystem, consultative selling and customer service. He thoroughly enjoys heading to ShangRolla each morning, AdRoll’s SOMA-based HQ, where intellect, hard work, humor and new dogs collide every day.

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