Explaining the New Pinterest: Fresh Layout and Analytics

Pinterest has been rolling out some big new changes recently. Don’t get left in the dust – take some time to learn about their redesign and analytics so you can use them to your advantage.


If you’ve been doing your social media homework, you’ve probably noticed a lot of buzz in the world of Pinterest recently. Not only did they recently debut a redesign they’re calling the “new look” for us to try out, but they also rolled out their own analytics program. Wow! That’s a lot to take in from the once-little social network that used to be very lacking in the way of features. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the new Pinterest, though; we’ve put together a primer to help you learn about these changes and modify your store’s Pinterest marketing plan to take advantage of them.


The new look

Have you switched to the new look yet? Here’s what Pinterest officially had to say (and below that, what tons of commenters are saying, too). If you haven’t switched, mentally and emotionally prepare yourself, because everyone is going to be taken over to it in the upcoming weeks.

Welcome To Your New Look


Our main takeaway on the redesign? Well, first and foremost, let’s cover the obvious: everything on the new Pinterest is bigger. Much bigger. It took a little while to get used to it.


Old Views:

Pinterest Old Look


Pinterest Old Look 2



New Views:

Pinterest New Look


Pinterest New Look 2


Images used to be 600 pixels wide, but now they’re 735, which is good news for close-up images of your products.

Beyond image re-sizing, there’s more changes you should be aware of:


The Pin It button has changed – whereas you used to hover over a pin and three options would appear (repin, like or comment), now you only have two button options: pin it or like (or edit, if you are the pinboard owner).


Old (left) & New (right):

Old Pin Hover2New Pin Hover2


When you click on a pin to open it, you have the option to comment on the bottom or click a button to go to the website the pin originated from. A sidebar of additional pins from its pinboard will appear on the right hand side as well.


Old Open Pin2



New Open Pin2


On the left hand side there’s now a drop-down menu of categories next to the search bar, and when you hover on your account name on the right hand side, another menu appears with links to your pins, boards, analytics, settings, and more. Pretty handy.

Old (top) & New (bottom):

Old Search bar


New Search bar


Old (left) & New (right):

Old Right Bar

New Right Bar


Say goodbye…

Not only did Pinterest make some new additions, they also removed some of our old favorites.

  • RIP to hashtags. Your old hashtagged captions will still exist, but they aren’t clickable and won’t show up in search.
  • On a similar note: no more leaving links in your pin captions. Actually, feel free to leave them, but they won’t be clickable. You can only have a working link in your about me area where you share your website and social profiles. (This is similar to YouTube’s rules.)
  • The character count in your “about” section has been cut down to 160 characters. It used to be 200.

We’re not sure why they decided on some of these removals (and quite honestly we’re not exactly thrilled), but we all have no choice but to live with it.


Let’s get analytical

Now this is an interesting one! Last week Pinterest rolled out its own free analytics program – currently available to business accounts only. (Do you have a Pinterest business account for your online store? Check out Pinterest’s help page on business accounts here.)

If you’ve been curious about how many people have been pinning images from your store, checking out your pins, and clicking on your Pinterest content, these analytics are an exciting development. Pinterest says: “If you have a verified website, you’ll get information about how many people have pinned from your site, how many people have seen these pins, and how many people visited your site from Pinterest. We’ll also show you a selection of your most repinned, most clicked, and most recent pins so you have a better idea of what’s popular.”

This could be a very valuable asset! Here’s what the backend looks like:

Pinterest Analytics

We like this nice, clean layout. Notice that on the right hand side there are options for site metrics, most recent pins, most repined, and most clicked. You can also export these reports to Excel. We’re intrigued to see where this implementation of analytics will lead – could Pinterest ads and promoted pins be next? (We wouldn’t be surprised.)


With all these changes in the redesign, it’s easy to feel frustrated and resistant to re-learning how to master the new layout, but it will be worth it for your business in the end. If you have any questions (or opinions!), just ask us in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help you troubleshoot. In the meantime, the Pinterest Help Center is a great jumping off point for basic how-tos. Oh, and of course, follow us on Pinterest for a sampling of the latest and greatest in the ecommerce world, and enter our Pin it to Win it contest for the chance to score a new toy for your entrepreneurial lifestyle.


Happy selling… and pinning!
-Emily Teachout, Volusion


Emily Teachout was a Social Media writer and professional. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Communications and a specialization in Technology & Society, and has managed social media campaigns for brands across multiple industries. In her spare time, Emily blogs about Austin’s culinary and entertainment scenes – in fact, she attends over 100 concerts per year.

8 Responses to “Explaining the New Pinterest: Fresh Layout and Analytics”

  1. Ladissa

    On the new Pinterest, the categories do not show up in the box. I click on the tab with the three lines on it…a drop down box opens, but it is just white. If I randomly click in the box it goes to the category, but I can’t see what is written there to choose from. I am trying this on my ipad2. Pinterest always worked fine on it before. Thanks.

    • Matt Winn

      Hi Ladissa, thanks for the feedback. Have you had a chance to contact our Support team so that they can investigate that further for you? They’ll be happy to help track down a solution for you. Thanks!

  2. Sara

    Just wanted to add that hashtags and links are still working in my newest pins using the new business layout. Not sure if it was a bug at rollout…or they reconsidered.

    • Emily Teachout

      Hmm, very interesting! I checked our Volusion Pinterest after reading your comment today and hashtags were working for me, too. (Looks like links in the Pin captions are clickable again, too – woohoo!) They definitely weren’t working when I wrote this post. You’re right, either it was an accident or Pinterest reconsidered removing them when the internet started complaining.

      I’m interested to see if hashtags and links are back to stay! Thanks for the heads-up.


  3. Anne R

    Was wondering if Volusion had an easy way to add the “pin” feature to my Web site? The Pinterest site leads me to code that must be added somewhere within my site. How do I do this?

    Anne R.

  4. Emily Teachout

    Hi Donna,

    Pinterest users can find your boards by typing the name of your business into their search bar. It’s also possible for them to find you by typing the specific name of one of your products into their search, depending on how you’ve captioned your pins. For more information on how Pinterest Business works, Pinterest itself has a Help Center which can be a great resource: https://help.pinterest.com/forums/20589426-Business-Accounts

    Check it out – you’ll be able to find information on guidelines for using the Pinterest logo/likeness on your page, plus tons of other helpful hints.


  5. Donna Menner

    Will we get “do follow” backlinks from Pinterest for our website?

  6. Donna Menner

    Just opened a Pinterest business account. How do people find us? Do they type in the name of the company, or a product or what. I’ve been asking around – a lot of people started recently and aren’t sure either. Is there a way to have the Pinterest Logo on our business facebook site?


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