Ecommerce Resources: Stay Ahead of the Competition by Using Ecommerce Forums, Blogs, and Online News

You are running an online store, but how do you know if you are running it well? Are you up to date with the current trends in ecommerce, or are you spinning your wheels with little results?

Aside from Volusion’s blog, there are many resources online to help you get ahead in online business. Here are just a few that we recommend:

Advanced blog about current style of design
Visual guide for modern style of design.
Two great galleries of web 2.0 style designs. Unmatched Style includes WordPress themes for your blog as well.
SEO and SEM:
SEO site with current trends in ecommerce, tips, and a useful forum.
Current tips and trends in SEO and SEM. Check out their crazy keywords!
Organization completely dedicated to search engine marketing.

Steve Rubel’s blog that features current on technology and how it can help you market your product. Pretty good with stats too.
Site full of useful marketing studies. Some studies are free; others are available for purchase.
Good to read to understand the psychological aspects of marketing rather than the technical. Check out Gladwell’s books too.
Great podcast featuring William Hurley of BMC about the power and nature of social media.

Helps you keep up with the players and trends in ecommerce.
Another means for keeping up.
Magazine completely dedicated to online stores.

Rather than reading a bunch at once, take a little time every day to gain knowledge about running an online business. You can make this easier by subscribing to these sites’ RSS feeds. Taking the time each day to understand the industry will help you take your business in the right direction.

Is there a publication that has helped you sell online? Share it by posting a comment.


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