Drive Traffic to Your Website with New Promotion Services: Fast Traffic

Fast Traffic Guarantees to Drive Qualified, Targeted Traffic to a Client’s Website

Austin, TX (Volusion Inc.) July, 2006 – Everyday millions of people use search engines to find new products and services and everyday sales are made due to these searches. Advertising in search engines helps expand an online business presence and gains site and brand awareness, while helping an online business stay competitive in their field. Fast Traffic is a full service pay per click advertising program, designed with the internet searcher in mind.

Fast Traffic determines the most effective and relevant keyword list for a client’s campaign, along with creating ad text and determining the most effective links to use. Using this information, Fast Traffic will promote a client’s business in the exact spot future customers are looking. It’s a fast and easy process for the client, saving company time and resources in having all of the work done by our team of experienced individuals, with expertise ranging from years of research in search engine marketing to work done on Volusion’s own site.

Fast Traffic is a guaranteed way to drive qualified, targeted traffic to a website. Over 80% of Internet users depend on search engines to find products and services*. Fast Traffic places ads for a client’s business on those major search engines. The ad appears when users are searching for the products or services a particular business offers, making the traffic targeted (ads are created for the products/services they are looking for and where they are looking) and qualified (the search engine user typed in the keyword relevant to the client’s website, thus leading to the client’s ad). The visitors know what they want to research or buy, and with the ad created by our team they will know where they can find it- on the promoted website.

We make certain that the ads created are doing what they should be doing – leading traffic to the website, in a way that is most effective and on an ongoing basis. In order to be successful, a PPC campaign needs to be monitored constantly, something a member of our team has time for while most online businesses do not. Plain and simple, Fast Traffic will direct potential customers to a client’s website, with the ultimate goal being to increase the client’s sales conversions.

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*comScore Networks, Inc. March 2006

Please note that Fast Traffic is a PPC program and not an SEO Optimization Service. This program helps gain exposure on the paid listing results of search engines, rather than natural listings.

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