Cyber Monday 2009 a Record Breaker – But Take a Closer Look

Wondering how the ecommerce world fared this past Monday? Then check out this post on ComScore’s just-released official report for Cyber Monday 2009.

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ComScore just released their official results for Cyber Monday 2009. This day was one for the record books, tying for the highest selling day in Internet history. It was easily the largest grossing Cyber Monday ever. Although sales expectations from yesterday to break the $900 million mark weren’t quite met, more dollars are set to come as the holiday season progresses.

Take a look at some of the bright spots:

  • Sales for Cyber Monday 2009 tied an all-time high of $887 million, a growth rate of 5% from last year
  • By 9:30 p.m. ET, retail traffic peaked at 5,139,690 visitors per minute from North America, an increase of 57% from 2008 (Akamai)
  • The number of overall buyers grew 6% from 2008, with 8.7 million people purchasing online
  • 52.7% of all purchases on Cyber Monday were made from the workplace

While any type of growth in ecommerce is great for our industry, there are a few other points to consider before running down the aisles with our trophy:

  • The average dollar spent per buyer decreased 1%, totaling $102.19
  • The 2008 holiday season as a whole saw reduced spending from 2007, meaning there is naturally more room for growth this year (CNBC)
  • Page views per session fell roughly 25% while product views per session fell by nearly 19%, meaning customers are spending far less time on your ecommerce site.

Most startling, coupon sites saw record breaking traffic – saw a 50+% increase in traffic from last year. This means that people are turning online to look for convenient deals instead of committing full engagement to your brand. Sure, the sales numbers are great short-term, but what long term impact will this have for ecommerce? The numbers seem to be telling two different stories.

What do you think – was Cyber Monday a triumph or a side note? Let us know what you think!

6 Responses to “Cyber Monday 2009 a Record Breaker – But Take a Closer Look”

  1. Frank

    Cyber monday was definitely a success at our site, and that’s without any coupons.

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  3. Matt

    That’s a really interesting point, Russ. Based on recent trends, some people are saying that the value proposition of ecommerce is serving as “the low price option.” Do you think that in the future (or even now) there will be a shift to online sales on Black Friday for convenience purposes alone? The going green idea is also an interesting selling point – how do you think this could be leveraged across the industry?

  4. Russ Squire

    If we are having to resort to couponing and low margin super deals to get buyers take on the internet that does not bode well for our global positioning long-term.
    If all people perceive us as is “the low price option” then our industry has to re-position and create a value proposition.
    The web needs to be about convenience, speed, and going green. Think of the millions of gallons of gas that could be saved if everyone shopped online.

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