Customer Spotlight: Success Creations

Founded in 1982, Success Creations is a family-owned and -operated masquerade mask business that has seen a 30 percent increase in sales and revenue since teaming up with Volusion. Learn more about their story and ecommerce experience in our latest customer success story.

All in the family

Success Creations is a family-owned and run masquerade mask business that started in 1982. Having been a world traveler her entire life, Gisela Hees had an eye for opportunity and an entrepreneurial spirit. She started the company by selling decorative plastic film and prismatic stickers, mainly for export. Through her contacts overseas, several Carnivale manufacturers in Europe approached her about importing their products.

In 1986, Gisela made the decision to start importing Carnivale items, primarily masks. At the time, masks were almost exclusively for Halloween and were either simple shapes or the traditional latex masks (horror and political). In the late 90s, the family decided to find a way to stand out with their business. With the help of a talented designer, they started to decorate their plain masks. This decision has changed the way masks in general are viewed, purchased and used, and Success Creations has become somewhat of a fashion house for masks. Each year, they tackle the challenge of introducing a new selection of original designs, which helps keep them ahead of the competition. They believe in treating their customers with integrity and offering them quality products, most of which are Made with Pride in the USA.


Tackling ecommerce

Success Creations started their web presence in 1999 with a small, self-created website. After using this barebones site for a while, they decided to switch to GoDaddy, but soon found that the platform’s basic tools and integrations didn’t scale with Success Creations as their sales grew.

At this point, the business knew it was time for a change. After extensive research and comparisons, they narrowed the selection down to a few ecommerce providers. After having several questions answered by the Volusion team, Success Creations found it easy to choose Volusion to continue their business success, being impressed by Volusion’s 24×7 phone support and feeling that the price for a custom-built site was reasonable compared to other options.


Masquerade masks on parade

In August 2010, Success Creations launched their freshly-designed Volusion store and haven’t looked back. Since the launch, their customers have found the site easier to use, with traffic showing big gains. Over the past two years, Success Creations has seen a 30 percent increase in sales and revenue, and the business has grabbed opportunities to promote their masks on television and at red carpet events. Since starting the Volusion store Success Creations went from an average of 300 visits a day using pay per click, to 1200 – 1500 visits a day not paid. Further, their conversion rate almost doubled.

“Other companies try to be like Volusion, but they just don’t get it,” said Dieter Hees, President of Success Creations. “Volusion has a formula for success that works for our business.”


Advice for ecommerce success

With a few years of ecommerce success under his belt, Hees recommends a few important pieces of advice for those getting started with an online store.

  • Make sure to utilize the mobile functionality of your online store. In this age of smartphones, having a mobile optimized site is an invaluable tool to any business.
  • Create nicely designed headers for each category in the site. It helps with design consistency and the overall professional look of the site.
  • Map out your site before you start building and designing it.
  • Be patient as you start to build your site.
  • It’s helpful to have someone in-house who is detail oriented doing the work on the site.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of great product photos.


Thank you and congratulations to Success Creations on their continued growth using the Volusion platform. Best of luck as you continue your online success! For more exciting news from Success Creations, be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Happy selling!

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