Corporate Philanthropy Day – Doing Our Part

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In the spirit of Corporate Philanthropy Day 2010, today’s Volusion blog post is dedicated to sharing our efforts over the past year in giving back to others. Some highlights include our Stores to Change the World program, our partnership with and The Volusion Foundation.


Yesterday the world celebrated the seventh annual International Corporate Philanthropy Day. Started in 2004 by the nonprofit organization Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), the fourth Monday of each February is dedicated to promoting philanthropic efforts by the corporate community.


Volusion Foundation
As we’ve grown over the years, so have our efforts in helping others. Our very own Volusion Foundation was created in the spirit of demonstrating how just a fraction of one’s time, resources and revenue can make a world of difference. In regards to time, all of us at Volusion receive paid time off to help organizations and charities of our choice. We also provide free stores to deserving non-profit organizations each month, giving a fraction of our resources to truly make a difference. And finally, we give 1% of our total revenue to those in need, spanning our reach across the globe.


Carbon Negative Organization
We’re also very proud of our efforts to help the environment. On top of the dozens of recycling bins across both offices, we’ve gone above and beyond by becoming a carbon negative organization. By working closely with Carbonfund, we’ve been able to offset our carbon footprint through renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation efforts.


Stores to Change the World
Finally, our Stores to Change the World program has helped hundreds of non-profits spread their message and goodwill efforts across the web. Each month, we provide a certain number of deserving organizations with a free Gold package, for life! These organizations range from assisting at-risk youth to raising funds for cancer research. By using our software tools to raise awareness, sell products and take donations, we’ve been humbled to see the growth and blossoming online success of these organizations and individuals. Do you or someone you know have a non-profit organization with a cause? Let us know – we’re here to help you help others. In 2009, we provided a whopping 91 donated stores!


Thanks to all of our customers for helping us realize our dreams in helping others.


Happy (and charitable) selling!
-Matt Winn, Marketing Associate

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