Are You LinkedIn? Using LinkedIn to Build Useful Business Connections

If you told a college senior that his social networking profile would not feature the latest and greatest Kanye West song, hundreds of photos of him and his friends, or funny clips from YouTube, he would probably think his profile was pretty lame. That is until that lame profile finds him the job he’ll need to pay for his student loans. might not feature MySpace Tom’s famous grin or Facebook’s “Poking Wars”, but it can boast to be the web’s biggest social network for professionals with over 14 million users. LinkedIn does offer the opportunity for employers and employees to connect, but it also offers the ability to connect with people in and around your industry.

Rather than having “friends”, LinkedIn members have “connections” to other users. Members can also see how these connections were made, whether they were direct or through other connections. When other users view your profile, they will be able to see why you joined LinkedIn.

Reasons vary according to position and industry. Do you need to hire a contract programmer who knows javascript? Would you like to bring on a recent college graduate to hire as an assistant? Are you looking for a cheaper supplier or affiliates to help you market your goods? Perhaps you just want to connect with an old college friend. Doing an advanced search through LinkedIn can help you find any one of these connections.

LinkedIn also gives people the opportunity to connect with you. It could provide you with the wholesale buyer you needed to turn a profit. The offer that could take you to the next level could come from a LinkedIn user looking for partnerships. Having a detailed profile with the exact reasons you are using LinkedIn will help make these connections.

Here are some tips for creating your LinkedIn page:

  • Think of keywords people would type in to find you when creating your profile. LinkedIn’s internal advanced search feature is going to find you because you use these words, so choose carefully.
  • Include any URLs that are relevant to your business. This could mean a blog, forum, or a MySpace page.
  • Do not be afraid to add connections that may not pertain to your industry. Remember, LinkedIn users find connections through other users, so getting your profile out there can only help you. That unrelated connection may not have what you are looking for, but someone who later connects with them just might.

Being a LinkedIn member will not give you the opportunity to be “friends” with Tila Tequila, but it could mean the business opportunity you have been looking for.

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Happy Selling!

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