Your Step-By-Step SEO Guide for Shopping Cart Migration


Welcome to a five part educational series that will outline steps to preserve organic traffic and ranking when you migrate your store’s web host platform. Moving your ecommerce website to a new web hosting platform is an exciting time for your business but don’t let the excitement overshadow your already-established SEO. There are critical steps to migrating your store that will allow you to preserve the online visibility you have already achieved.

Bottom line: A solid migration will preserve your traffic; a sloppy migration will result in a large traffic drop.

Join SEO Team Lead, Dan Smullen for this series where he’ll address best practices for successfully migrating your ecommerce platform without compromising your website’s search engine ranking. Dan will cover the steps you need to take to preserve your past SEO efforts and set yourself up for future success in the weeks, months and years following a migration.

How to Preserve SEO During Ecommerce Website Migration

Part 1 – Migrate Content to New Ecommerce Site

Part 2 – Implementing 301 Redirects and 404 Error Pages

Part 3 – Find the Right Time to Migrate with Google Analytics

Part 4 – Taking Your New Ecommerce Site Live

Part 5 – Moving Forward After Your Ecommerce Platform Migration

Please note: Every website and migration is different. While much of what Dan covers in this series is universal for migration between any ecommerce platforms, it is not an exhaustive list of possible scenarios. It is always best to consult with a trusted SEO specialist prior to your ecommerce website migration.


Dan Smullen is an SEO Team Lead at Volusion, where he applies his seven years of online marketing experience to drive customer traffic to ecommerce websites. He is passionate about the technical side of SEO, platform migrations and coaching clients on SEO best practices. Outside of the office, Dan can be found hanging out at Zilker Park, camping all over Central Texas and following professional football, basketball and hockey.

2 Responses to “Your Step-By-Step SEO Guide for Shopping Cart Migration”

  1. Eric Gallagher

    I am preparing to create the category meta data import for our re-platforming project. I am finding that some of the old descriptions are not very well done. Should I import the existing data and revise it latter after the new site is launched to maintain a consistent migration?

    • Anjuli Desai

      That’s a great question, Eric! To keep the new site consistent with the old one, import the existing meta titles, meta descriptions and on page content to the new website pages. Once the tags are moved and 301 redirects implemented, mapping the old URL to the new URL, Google understands the page has permanently moved and the new tags will help reinforce the topic of a page. Monitor the site’s Organic traffic post-migration and when traffic has returned for a few weeks, it would then be appropriate to make adjustments to the tags. Good luck!


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