Rick and Gela Generate Online Success with Volusion

In 2005 Rick and Gela Oros opened their online generator store www.APelectric.com using AspDotNetStorefront, but the lack of communication between the AspDotNetStorefront and the hosting company was getting very costly as the site would be down for hours without response when technical problems arose. Rick and Gela finally moved the store over to Volusion in October of 2008, and the difference was immediately noticeable! While they were using AspDotNetStorefront their monthly sales for www.APelectric.com never exceeded more than $600,000 but in their first full month online with Volusion www.APelectric.com brought in over $1,000,000 in sales. Rick and Gela are benefiting from “The Volusion Difference”:

  • The Look
    With all of the design features built into the Volusion shopping cart it is easy to customize your site for visual appeal and optimal customer satisfaction. Our free templates are widely utilized and our experienced design staff is available to give your site a professionally designed custom look. As Rick explains, “Volusion brought over the look of our old site, but allowed us to kick it up a notch… or ten. Customers call daily with compliments on the layout and ease of use, especially in the checkout process. They say our website looks more professional, more secure and more appealing than our competitors’ websites.”
  • The Set-Up
    The Volusion software makes adding products and setting product options fast and easy. Rick and Gela note that they were also able to add product accessories in a way that was easy for customers to find and add to the shopping cart. This up-selling was important for the expansion of their business and greatly helped their bottom line.
  • The Usability
    The ability to set up an extensive knowledge base was a big help to Rick, who explains “Given the complexity of the products we sell customers have a lot of questions, which used to be answered over the phone- tying up sales people, or our technical support department. Now, common questions are answered in the knowledgebase with only a few clicks. Even with the extra business we did not have to hire any new personnel, saving money in payroll.”
  • The Integrations
    Volusion’s integrations with popular business tools like QuickBooks are very helpful for businesses looking to achieve maximum productivity. Rick and Gela explain, “The Volusion web connector connects us to QuickBooks, so there are no more copy and paste orders from the website into QuickBooks. This cuts down on mistakes- making our accounting department much happier. But most of all, the Web Connector saves at least 3 hours a day with its automation.”
  • The Support
    Volusion boasts 24×7 technical support via phone, live chat and tickets. Knowing that there is a live person standing by to help you when you have questions or problems is an invaluable resource for small business owners. Rick agreed by saying “The biggest relief to me, is having the 24/7/365 PHONE support, with both hosting and software issues handled by one Volusion tech support person. There were a lot of choices and promises by other website companies. We did months of homework to finally choose Volusion. We wish we would have started with Volusion a long time ago!”

-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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  1. Webopius

    Interesting post. We are currently an ASPDotNetStorefront developer and having read this article we’ll certainly be taking a look at Volusion as a potential e-commerce solution for our clients.

    $1m in monthly sales though?! If that’s true I need to switch careers to generator sales or find out who does their search engine marketing!


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