Announcing the New Volusion Support Site

Our Support Site just got better. Introducing our sleeker, more responsive and intuitively organized Volusion Support Site, where you can not only get the help you need, but enjoy the experience too. Check out this post to learn all about the upgrade.


We’re proud to announce the newly redesigned and rebuilt Volusion Support Site at The Volusion Support Site is your go-to resource for training videos, how-to guides, user manuals and much more. Whether you’ve got a specific question in mind or just want to learn something new, you can find the answer here.

Here are some highlights of the new site:


Newly Rebuilt Knowledge Base

We completely rebuilt the Volusion Support Site based on your feedback, improving search, navigation and usability.


This is the exact same resource our support reps use to answer your questions over the phone or on live chat. Now you can go straight to the source to get answers even faster.


New Design & Organization

We simplified the site design and structure so you can quickly find the information you need.

Already know what you’re looking for? Search the database to pull up relevant articles and videos.

If you’re new to Volusion, you can also check out our “Getting Started” and “How To…” sections on the main page for walkthroughs and answers to common questions.


Within the Volusion Support Site, articles are organized by Admin Area topic, so you can easily find information based on your current tasks.


Fully Responsive Design

The coolest thing about our new design is that it’s fully responsive! That means that it’s easy to use and easy to read articles on any device or screen size. To see what we mean, open the Volusion Support Site in another tab or window, and then resize the browser to see how it changes. Or better yet, go to on your phone or tablet.

Now you can keep the Volusion Support Site open in a second window or on your mobile device, without interrupting your workflow in your Admin Area.

More Improvements to Come

This is just the beginning of our work on the Volusion Support Site. As we continue testing and learning how you use the support site, we’ll continue to improve the content and performance.

The new Volusion Support Site is the product of your feedback, along with the experience and knowledge of our 350+ ecommerce experts. Together, we’re working to empower Volusion merchants, and help you continue to be the most successful businesses online.


Happy Selling!
-David Mitzenmacher, Volusion

7 Responses to “Announcing the New Volusion Support Site”

  1. Wayne Schoech

    I’m having trouble applying a discount
    We have a 20% site wide sale on all products
    with an additional 10% off on orders 100.00+
    The additional 10% off isn’t working

    • Adam Kirsch

      Hi Wayne,

      We have a few knowledgebase articles that should be able to help you out. This link should break down everything you need to know about coupons and discounts, and this link will show you how to make a site-wide discount. If you’re still having problems, I’d recommend calling into our support line at 1-800-646-3517 for live assistance. Thanks!

  2. Cindy

    I am setting up a page for where people can purchase tickets to three separate events that a non-profit organization is hosting. Site visitors need to be able to buy a mix of tickets plus choose the number of tickets. Does your mini-plan offer this flexibility, and can we connect our pay pal account?

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi Cindy,
      Our mini plan would be perfect for your needs! And yes, you would also be able to connect your Volusion store with either a PayPal basic or, if you have one, with a PayPal Pro credit card gateway account.

  3. Dan

    looking at volusion as a possible ecomm solution for one of my businesses. I have had a browse around some of your customers sites but they take an age to load. Where are you based? Are they always that slow? I have concerns as I am one of those types that don’t shop on stores that take too long to load.

    • Gracelyn Tan

      Hi, Dan. I’m sorry to hear that our sites have been loading slowly for you. We’re based in Austin, TX, and actually use a top of the line CDN, or Content Delivery Network, to ensure that our sites load quickly, regardless of where visitors are located. We’ve also been improving our infrastructure over the past year, with customers seeing up to a 33% lift in performance after one of our recent updates. Sorry again for your experience, and if you have any further questions, I’d love to answer them for you. Thanks for reading!

  4. Neil Lucado

    Thank you for working hard for your customers!


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