Covers Your Dog’s Paws with Help of Volusion

Unique pet accessory company triples sales from 2010 to 2011.

Volusion Review:

We love sharing success stories from our Volusion customers, and today’s story is about, a successful Volusion store that sells dog footwear for a variety of reasons and seasons.  They carry dog paw wear from snow boots, rain boots, athletic shoes, sandals, slippers and even orthopedic boots to help dogs with a variety of medical ailments.  A customer-oriented business, works with each of their customers to best determine their dog’s needs, all in the name of providing the most appropriate product for man’s best friend.

Getting Started in Ecommerce

With a background in internet marketing and SEO, owner, Karen Luther, decided it was time to take the next step and pursue her dream of owning an online business. A dog-lover at heart, Karen was drawn to the pet industry, but she knew it was a saturated and competitive market. After doing some research, she found the perfect product that would target a niche market and drive the sales she wanted.

Choosing Volusion

Karen chose Volusion before she picked her product line. Not being a technical person, she needed to choose a company that would help her every step of the way. Karen chose Volusion knowing she could customize her online store and still manage the daily operations on her own. She didn’t want an ecommerce solution that was bigger than she could handle, and she felt confident that Volusion would give her easy-to-use, robust functionality. Since the launch of in May 2010, Karen has seen her sales triple in one short year.

“I don’t think that I would have been able to do this without Volusion,” said Karen. “I really didn’t have much of a business plan and certainly no experience in ecommerce.  Watching Volusion’s many videos and reading step by step instructions every step of the way has taken me from Day 1 to my second successful year in business.”

Selling to Pet-Lovers Everywhere

Volusion offers the features Karen needs to continually grow

  • Built-In SEO: Using the SEO tools built into the Volusion software, saw their rankings improve from page 20 to page one in just six months, and they stay there.
  • Built-In Newsletter Marketing: Karen is able to communicate special sales, new products and company information through the newsletter functionality that’s built into the Volusion software.
  • Automated Emails and Customer Reviews: These are tremendous marketing tools for Karen to receive unbiased feedback about her products and customer service.
  • Social Media Integrations: is active in social media, and the built-in AddThis, Twitter and Facebook integrations make it easy for Karen to manage her social marketing campaigns.
  • Mobile Store: Karen made sure to take advantage of the free mobile storefront offered by Volusion. This allows her customers to easily navigate on mobile devices to purchase their favorite dog boots.
  • vZoom: This unique, built-in feature lets Karen’s customers hover over a product image to automatically zoom in on the smallest details of a dog boot.

Of all the benefits of Volusion, Karen feels the greatest is having 24×7 support to help manage her growing business. She can now easily handle daily tasks like managing inventory, pulling reports, tracking expenses and income and even creating a photo gallery for all the precious dogs that wear her boots.

Business Philosophy that Makes a Difference

Partnering with Volusion wasn’t the only good decision Karen made as a new online storeowner. Her philosophy to treat customers like she would want to be treated has kept her business thriving. In an ever-changing industry like ecommerce, it’s important to keep customers happy, and Karen uses her Volusion store to put smiles on her customers’ and dogs’ faces.

Thanks to Karen for sharing her story, and congratulations on a successful year!


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    Congratulations! Your success gives me encouragement. Much continued success.

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    Wow i love reading sucess stories it gives me motivation to continue my online store……hope one day mine we be also known like Karen’s store.
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