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Volusion Success Story - Ace Tool

About once a month we sit down and decide which company we’d like to feature in a success story for our blog. This month one company stood out to us, because well… they’re standing out for pretty much everyone right now. is a nationally known online retailer of hand and power tools and accessories and have been with Volusion since 2006. We spoke with Maria Polidoro, owner of, about her thriving business. Here is what we learned:

Volusion: Can you briefly describe your business for our readers?
Maria: Ace Tool is a leader in retail tool sales. We also do repairs and carry a huge array of accessories and parts.

Volusion: I understand that you have a retail store, tell us a little bit more about that.
Maria: I founded Ace Tool in 1983 in Wantagh, NY. It grew out of the desire to bring the best quality products and service to this community. We don’t just sell the best tools, we host demonstrations in our store, and repair everything on site. Our online business flourished from there with the help of some great partners like Volusion.

Volusion: Did you start out with Volusion or were you using another ecommerce provider previously?
Maria: Ace Tool actually went live in 2005, so we did move our online store to Volusion from another provider. We made this decision due to the fact that our previous provider charged us a percentage of every sale that we made through them.

Volusion: What role would you say Volusion has played in your success?
Maria: Volusion has made it easier to run our store with the ease of product uploads, the simple search engine optimization, and the abundance of features that make it quick and simple to get our products as visible as possible to our customers.

Volusion: If you had to pick one tool in the admin area that you couldn’t live without, which one would it be?
Maria: The product editor. We are constantly adding new items.

Volusion:As you know, in addition to the basic SEO capabilities offered as a part of the software, we also offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. Your company is taking advantage of one of our fully customized SEM plans.
Can you tell us a little more about your experience with our SEM team? What was the process like to get started?

Maria: Easy, fast and effortless. Once they began – basically they took over and we have had great results. The reporting is very robust and helps us understand where we are, where we’re going, and how we can all work together to get there. Most importantly, we’ve seen an increase in inbound links and keyword rankings, resulting in a substantial increase in organic traffic to the site.

Volusion: Thank you for taking this time to answer our questions. In closing, can you give some advice to your fellow online store owners out there?
Maria: Choose Volusion– they offer the power and look of the big ecommerce sites for a fraction of the cost.

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