4 Productivity Boosters for Entrepreneurs

It’s time to get more done! Check out our latest post on how you can utilize these four tools to your business’ advantage, and possibly win them as well.

Let’s be honest; there’s no greater feeling than when you’re in the zone working hard for your business and rapidly checking items off of your “to-do” list. But with the hustle and bustle of the workday, it’s not always possible to stay on track.

So to help boost your productivity, here’s a look at four amazing tools that we love (better yet, here’s an opportunity for you to win one of them).


Beats by Dr. Dre

Ready to tune the world out and get to work? You’ll feel like you’re in the studio when you put these headphones on. Dr. Dre Beats are lightweight and compact, so you can toss them in your bag and carry them with you anywhere you go. A recent survey by U.K. licensing organizations noted that 77 percent of businesses said that playing music in the workplace increases morale and improves the atmosphere. Music might just inspire your next big idea, so grab a pair of Beats and let your creative juices flow.


Keurig Coffeemaker

As an entrepreneur, we know your best ideas might not always come at the most opportune moments. So the next time you’re burning the midnight oil, you might consider brewing a cup of Joe with a Keurig coffeemaker. The Keurig is famous for quietly brewing a single cup of your favorite beverage and includes great features like a digital clock, timer and travel mugs for those on the go. Drinking a cup of coffee in between activities can help to improve mental performance and endurance, so be sure to make time for a latte when you can.


Canon PowerShot

Eye-catching product photography is a key factor to help send your customers to the checkout page. With image-based platforms like Pinterest continuing to rise in popularity, it’s important that your photos are stunning, interesting and clearly show off the important details of your product. With the help of a Canon Powershot, you can capture all of the above and more. The PowerShot has a 12x optical zoom, 28 mm wide-angle lens and powerful image processer. Plus, this camera also has the ability to record video in case you need to do a quick customer testimonial or product review. Needless to say, this is a great tool for any online business owner to have.


Kindle Fire

Tired of lugging around tons of business books everywhere you go? With the Kindle Fire you can keep all of your important documents, magazines and books in one place. Download apps like Evernote and Lemon to your Kindle to help you stay organized on the go. Even add a few games on your tablet when you need a little break. Now that the Kindle Fire has a beautiful rich color display and anti-glare technology it’s even better for browsing and managing your business. If you’re considering investing in a tablet of any sort, we highly recommend the Kindle Fire. It’s easy to use and comes at a very affordable price.


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Happy selling!
-Lauren Hill, Volusion


Lauren Hill is Volusion’s Senior Video Production Specialist and a regular contributor to The Ecommerce Insights. Always eager to learn and grow, Lauren’s background includes positions in film, social media and marketing. Though video production is her primary focus, she also really likes assorted jellybeans and animal-shaped balloon hats. Lauren is a graduate of The University of North Texas and holds a BA in Journalism and Public Relations.

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