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A recent eMarketer study revealed that there are more than 34 million US moms online- making online moms one of the biggest internet user segments in America right now. This fact is incredibly important because, as eMarketer explains, “Moms are the key decision-makers for many family purchases, and increasingly the information they obtain and activities they engage in online affect those decisions.”

Key Mom Facts:

  • Over the next few years the number of moms online is predicted to grow by about 12% per year.
  • Moms rely most on trusted websites, referrals from friends/family, and search engines to get information to make purchase decisions.
  • Above all other categories, moms shop for clothing/fashion accessories, food/cooking, and baby/parenting products (in that order).
  • Regardless of whether they plan on buying online or at a brick and mortar location, moms have a high tendency to hit the internet first to research products before buying.
  • Moms shop for themselves online almost as much as they shop for their children.

Online Mom Culture:

CreatedByMom We caught up with Quinn Curtis from www.CreatedByMom.com to get her perspective on the “online mom phenomenon.” Quinn’s site www.CreatedByMom.com consolidates products from more than 45 moms- offering a place where small time mompreneurs can get the recognition they need to succeed in business.

I know what you’re thinking- it’s like Etsy for moms! (For those who are unfamiliar with Etsy, it’s a wildly successful online marketplace where users can buy and sell unique handmade gifts- like an eBay for niche crafts.) Quinn is careful to point out the differences between her site and Etsy though, “We hear that a lot” she explains. “There are several important differences- not all of our items are handmade, the individual moms don’t manage their accounts themselves, we limit the number of vendors we will allow to sell in each product or category so that it isn’t saturated, and most importantly, all of the moms that sell on CreatedByMom.com get a discount on the items listed on our site.” Quinn from CreatedByMom

In addition to providing mompreneurs a place to sell their products and buy fun creative products at a discount, Quinn also offers business resources for her fellow moms. She maintains a mom’s business blog and recently hosted a sold out conference near Salt Lake City, UT called “Moms Who Make It,” which was designed to bring moms together and give them the resources they needed to be successful businesswomen.

Quinn’s place at the helm of a large mom network has provided her with a unique vantage point. Talking to her you can tell she really has her finger on the pulse of today’s “online mom culture.” Below is the feedback Quinn gave us:

Volusion: eMarketer’s article reports that Moms most frequently visit parenting/family sites, but they are also inclined to look up political content, monitor the weather, and read news online. What types of websites do you visit the most?
Quinn: Blogs would definitely be number one; I have a lot that I keep up with regularly. I also use social media frequently- that IS my news. If someone is talking about an article or something newsworthy that has happened I will go and read about it but mainly I am looking for something more personal than just getting recent information.

Volusion: Speaking of the personal aspect, at lot has been said about the emphasis that moms tend to place on personal referrals, and their use of search engines and blogs when making purchase decisions. What influences you the most when you’re buying online?
Quinn: Can I say a combination of all of the above?  I use search engines to find deals for specific items.  However, I follow independent companies/small businesses I like using a combination of Facebook, Twitter & their email newsletters.  Then when I see something I like/need through their social media campaigns, I will buy from them directly.

Volusion: So, what types of products are you most likely to buy online either for yourself or your kids?
Quinn: Everything for the kids (clothes and toys especially), and all sorts of technology for the home and office. I always feel like I can get a better deal on technology than if I walked in a store and talked to a salesperson. I can research and browse online to get the best price easily.

Volusion: eMarketer made the claim that moms may actually be the savviest of all online users; do you agree?
Quinn: I definitely think that the moms that are already online are- they get it. There is a lot of room for growth though; there are a lot more moms that haven’t really gotten into it yet and don’t really understand all of what the internet can offer them. But the internet is exactly what moms are craving. Moms are looking for connections, and the internet can give them that so they have become good at making the internet work for them. Being online gives you access to a whole world of connections and it’s that “connection factor” that’s important to moms.


If you’re a mompreneur make sure to check out Community.CreatedByMom.com for business resources!
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-Kate Pierce eCommerce Specialist

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