3 Quick and Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Store for the Holidays

The chill is in the air, the hats and scarves are out, and before you know it, the holiday season will be in full swing. Read on to see the easy way to getting your store ready in a flash.


One of the first signs of the upcoming holiday season is when shops unveil their glittering store displays to showcase the latest toys, gadgets or winter party clothes. Just like Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” drooling over the coveted Red Ryder BB Gun in the toy store window, a great store display sets off signals in our heads that it’s time to shop for the holidays.

And the best part? This phenomenon doesn’t have to be limited to brick and mortar stores. You can cash in on this same shopping frenzy by making these three small but powerful changes.


1. Change your background

One easy change you can make to your storefront is changing out your background for the season. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change; even a minor holiday variation can make all the difference.

Check out this Volusion merchant, Red Rocket Hobbies, who used a snowflake pattern in their background space to give a little winter flair to their already fun toy site. (And currently has a fantastic turkey background for Thanksgiving.)

Red Rocket Hobbies - Holiday Ecommerce Design


2. Use snazzy promotional graphics

Switching out or adding a festive graphic to your homepage is a great way to get your products on a customer’s holiday shopping list.

Shoppe Images is an example of a table decor seller who keeps their slideshow updated for the season. This also goes to show that holiday graphics can be done with class and sophistication.

ShoppeImages - Holiday Ecommerce Design


3. Add holiday decoration & verbiage

If you don’t want to make any major visual changes to your site for the holiday shopping season, you can make small adjustments, like changing verbiage on your homepage or adding little touches of decoration to your graphics. Doing so is a subtle, yet effective way to remind your site visitors that the gift giving season is near and the perfect gift is just a click away!

Lovably Me does a great job by having some text on their homepage about gifts for children and a toy graphic with a few snowflakes sprinkled in.

Lovably Me - Holiday Ecommerce Design

Whether you just add a little sparkle or go all out with a big festive sale graphic, it’s a good idea to bring the excitement of the holiday shopping experience to your online store.

Need some help? Our design services team is here to help with even small changes to your site. Also, be sure to check out this post full of free holiday promo graphics created by the Volusion design team!


Happy selling!
-Camri Hinke, Volusion

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