The Most Popular Products to Sell Online

Do you want to sell a few trendy items or do you want consistent income year-round from evergreen products? When you're selling online, it might be hard to decide between "trendy" products, evergreen items, or both. Here are a few popular products that you can sell and helpful tips on finding popular products and generating profits.

Trendy Products

Because ecommerce continues to evolve, there are new trending products every day, and you've probably been on ecommerce sites like eBay or Amazon to make purchases in their online marketplaces. The most popular products include specialty food items, jewelry and clothing.

Other trendy products can include smart backpacks with mobile chargers.

For trendy items, look for products like waterproof smartphone cases, 3D printers, mobile phone power banks, drones, fitness trackers, charcoal face masks and gluten-free products. Other trendy products can include smart backpacks with mobile chargers for gamers and tourists or touchscreen leather gloves for colder weather.

Evergreen Products

Evergreen items are sold year-round. Popular items include menswear, women's accessories and makeup products. Tech examples include smartphone accessories like multi-chargers or wireless headphones. With smartwatches, try selling Samsung, Motorola or Apple. For virtual reality accessories, look at new VR headsets for gaming devices.

Other evergreen products can include automated and robotic toys, Roombas, mobile projectors, video games and kitchen gadgets like coffee pots, crock pots, steamers, slow cookers and smokers. Nutritional supplements and workout proteins are also very popular year-round.

Use Amazon to Find Products to Sell

A great reason to look for popular products to sell on Amazon is that they're rather transparent about which products are top sellers and which niches are doing well. Not only can you see the customer reviews and feedback, but you can view similar items, prices and products that are best sellers:

  • When you visit Amazon, do a search for the most wished-for items or the items most gifted by Amazon shoppers.
  • Use Amazon's best seller feature to help you find possible niches. Click on an item and view the product page. You'll find helpful information like the ranking for sales, and if you click on a product like, say, a slow cooker, it will take you to the kitchenware section where you can view other popular products and sub-categories.
  • When you look at the sellers for the various niche products, you can see potential competitors.
  • You'll also be able to see offers, ideas for expansions and ways to upsell similar products and possible content for wording your ads.

Check Out Competitor Keywords, Rankings and Comments

To help you strategize the best products to sell, website builders can help with SEO and scope out keywords a competitor uses on Amazon. You can also research competitors with apps like Ahrefs. Rankings and keywords can help with search engine results pages (SERPs) to rank higher with searches, and you'll see the most popular products. Competitor ad copy and landing pages can help with your own ads, price points, shipping options and other details.

Because Amazon best sellers may be your future competitors, consider shopping with them to see how they market products and up-sell similar products.

Because Amazon best sellers may be your future competitors, consider shopping with them to see how they market products and up-sell similar products. Review feedback to see if they had shipping delays and if it was a consistent problem lowering their overall score, this might help you rank closer to 100% on Amazon by offering better shipping options.

Tips on Selling Online Merchandise

Sell What You Like

A great way to see popular products online in different marketplaces is to sell what you feel passionate about. Don't sell something you don't like because then it may be harder for you to upsell its benefits and features.

Don't sell something you don't like because then it may be harder for you to upsell its benefits and features.

Find a product that you love, buy it, test it out and use it. That way when potential customers have questions, you can readily detail in a Q&A the various features, benefits and functions.

Sell the Top Niche Products

Niche products might have limited quantities online, or they're limited edition products. If they're not available in brick-and-mortar stores, demand may be higher online. Check Google Analytics for the most popular searched items online.

When you assemble a list of top 10 or 15 items, contact the suppliers and start selling those products on your site. Then list reviews and customer comments so potential customers can see the benefits and confidently make their purchases.

Sell What Will Give You a High-Profit Margin

If you're setting up an online store, you probably did a search for "How to build my website". Before you start selecting products to sell, research products that will generate profits. (Of course!) If you're going to sell at a steady pace, the products you sell need to generate a positive profit margin.

To help with pre-purchase insights, talk to suppliers and use market
research apps:

  • Find average prices for the products sold, shipping costs, taxes and fees.
  • Use Google Analytics for keyword searches and demand.
  • Research the various other sellers selling the same merchandise.

Aside from using Google Analytics, there are market research platforms that can help. Try an app like Algopix, which can break down products by marketplace, purchase price, profit and other categories. Because the app tools break down seller expenses, this can help with determining profit margins.

Wrapping It Up

There are so many different kinds of products to sell online. Not only can you find niche and evergreen products, but by working with suppliers and using market research platforms for profit generating data-driven decisions, you'll find that you can optimize sales and see steady profits. Just be sure to let customers share transparent reviews and ensure your shipping is 5-star so your business will have even more happy customers!

Have any questions about what products you might want to sell online? Talk to us about them in the comments!