How to Design a Logo for Your Online Store

Logos can say a lot about your business for such a small graphic. When creating logos for businesses, designers use a substantial amount of knowledge and research in addition to skill to develop the perfect visual representation of a brand. Whether you are creating it yourself or hiring a graphic designer, here are some important steps to take before you start planning the look of your logo or digitizing your design to ensure that it will convey what you want it to.

Explore the psychology of color, etc.

Before you get started creating a design, it’s important to understand the subconscious effects that different aspects of your design may have on viewers. The colors, shapes, and fonts that you choose can all convey different feelings, and if you’re not careful, you could choose the wrong ones. Take some time to research color psychology and the psychology of other aspects of your design so you are informed on what means what.

Decide on your brand’s tone

Once you know how different colors and shapes can shape your audience’s perception of your brand and your industry, it’s time to determine how you want customers to see your brand. Is sustainability a core value of your business? Research states that green is a strong choice. Looking to convey speed? Consider incorporating horizontal lines into your design. Make your logo a message that will help viewers understand the essence of your brand quickly and easily.

Consider your industry and competition

While you don’t want to use the same design scheme as everyone in your industry, it’s good to be aware of what imagery and design aspects are commonly used so you can create a more immediate association between your brand and what you offer. For example, pet care products often use paw prints to make an association with animals. Since this image is used quite a lot in logos, you’ll want to avoid it and find something more unique so that your logo stands out.

Get inspired by others

It’s always a good idea to look at what other people and companies are doing, so consider seeking out logo galleries and design sites for a dose of inspiration. Sites like these offer great insight into current trends, as well as an idea of where design is headed. Take some time to absorb what’s out there and consider why you like what you like, and dislike what you dislike. Use these as starting points in your brainstorming process for a better final product.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it—the first steps for creating a great logo for your business. We recommend hiring a professional for the execution portion at least, but if you’re thinking of rendering it on your own and can’t afford the most expensive programs out there, there are a number of affordable vector design programs you can use to create your vision for your brand logo. Dive in and give it a try!