Why A Great Logo Is Critical For Your Ecommerce Brand

Your online store's logo seems like such a small part of your overall shopping experience. However, it’s actually one of the more important aspects of branding. A logo is consistently visible on all aspects of your offline properties: receipts, letterheads, T-shirts, and banners, as well as every page of your ecommerce website.

Saying that a logo builds brand awareness is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding its importance in the grand scheme of your online business. There are several reasons why you should spend some serious time thinking about your logo.

Your logo is you.

Think of your logo as a representation of your company’s culture and values. A logo has the opportunity to express your ideals and what you stand for at a glance, and gets much more exposure than your About Us page.

Your logo is memorable.

What makes logos so effective is their use of repetition to build familiarity. Logos act as a quick visual shorthand and form very strong connections in our brains, to the point where we can identify a brand without having to read a word.

Your logo is visible.

In many instances and on many mediums, your logo is the first thing to grab the shopper’s attention. This means that it’s the aspect of your brand that will instantly create brand awareness for customers and communicate what you are all about.

Your logo establishes credibility and trust.

Art and design have a large influence on people’s emotions. A well-designed, sophisticated logo helps shoppers see that your business is credible and professional, and paying special attention to the colors, fonts, and shapes you use can help subconsciously cement that feeling.

Your logo solidifies customer loyalty.

Your logo is your signature, establishing ownership but also implying a promise to your customers that you accept accountability. By signing off on your customer’s shopping experience, you strengthen that relationship.

Final Thoughts

For something that can be so small, the impact that a well-designed logo has on your brand experience and online store cannot be overstated. Whether you’re designing one yourself or paying a professional, keep these concepts in mind as you decide how much time and money to allocate to creating a logo for your business.