Purposeful content is a cornerstone of great design. Read on to see the two steps you need to take in order to create content that will convince your customers to stay.

Designing Your Content

You've driven customers to your site, but how do you keep them there? Good written content is a key ingredient to keeping customers engaged. The first piece of content on your site (usually your homepage graphic) should immediately speak to  your customers’ desires and motivations for coming to your website. But how do you do that?

Here are the two steps you need to take to create purposeful content:


Step 1. Consider your customer

Ask yourself, "Who are my customers and what do they want?" There is a specific reason someone has landed on your site and you need to determine what problems are they looking for your products to solve.


Step 2. Mold your message

Once you've identified your customer and their needs, craft a message that conveys that your products will be the solution to their problem.

For example, if you sell laptop computers, a common mistake would be to write out the model name and number next to an image of a new computer you offer, like in the screenshot below.

The first text you read when you land here is the name of this ultra-sleek laptop. Although it's very visually appealing, the content on this homepage tells you nothing about what that laptop can do or why you should choose it.

However, your customer has an agenda when visiting your site. They may want a computer that's good for online gaming, one that's very durable or one that's super fast. Speak directly to those customers by telling them what your product can do for them, like the screenshot below that targets customers who want a fast processor.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.22.48 PM.png

This simple strategy can work for any type of online store. If you sell accessories, don’t just simply say “Shop Our Necklaces.” Appeal to the customer’s desires with a headline like “Add Some Sparkle”. Tapping in to the needs and wants of your customers can make all the difference, and these small tweaks to your messaging is a great way to do it.

Happy selling! -Camri Hinkie, Volusion