Choosing the Best Layout for Your Online Store

Before your customers can buy something, they have to find it first. Making their search as easy as possible requires paying careful attention to your layout and template. In this post, we discuss four things you should pay attention to when choosing the best layout and template.

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Imagine walking into an electronics or jewelry store with some of the most amazing products you've ever seen. Everything this store offers is unique. The people seem kind. The prices are right. But the store itself is very drab and almost looks like a warehouse, and you can't find anything. It makes you wonder where these people came from and if their goods were stolen or not.

A template is like that brick-and-mortar storefront. If it doesn't live up to your products, you could be selling your store short. But what is a template exactly? The template is the frame of your website. It contains the categories and navigation.

What are some things to consider when choosing how and where your categories will be displayed in the best layout?

1. Color scheme

Different colors solicit different emotional reactions. Understanding what emotions your site is conveying is key. Since you will probably choose more than one color, it can be very helpful to be familiar with different color schemes together first before putting together a design. This color schemer gallery is very helpful in making this choice.

2. Navigation

Do you want your navigation to be on the top, the left, or the right? Do you want both top and left navigation? Laying out information in a clear manner is key. Since navigation is ultimately controlled by you and your shopping cart software, making this choice before choosing a template can help give your store a more deliberate, unified feel.

3. Establish trust

Having an About Us page, a prominent return policy and contact information will determine if people can trust you or not. We don't buy from people we don't know. Where can you display this information so that people can find it?

4. Display search options

Customers who use your search functionality to find products are much more likely to purchase than those who are simply browsing. Make sure it is prominent for your users somewhere in your template.

Happy Selling!


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