Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day at Volusion

What could be better than a five star lunch every day?

Knowing that your work is personally valued by your company’s founder. I started my career with Volusion over eight years ago as an administrative assistant at the front desk. To my surprise, within the first couple weeks of employment, our founder and CEO, Kevin Sproles came by to thank me for something that was seemingly insignificant. I don’t remember what he thanked me for - I just remember feeling valued and knew that I had found a company that I wanted to invest in and be part of its engaging culture. Now as a senior member of the People & Culture team I reflect back to that time and feel so privileged to be part of a team with an amazing culture that we helped build.

Here are six ways that Volusion’s Culture Code sets up employees to feel appreciated every day:

We help breed amazing founders

  • Employees are encouraged to “Build a Business” with a free Volusion store. In addition to building their own business, they are given the opportunity to learn our products inside and out to help better serve our customers.

  • We have monthly onsite workshops to spark creativity, facilitate team building and even inspire product ideas. Our workshops include everything from how to make your favorite cocktail to woodworking and macrame. One employee figured out that she really enjoys macrame and now sells plant hangers through her own Volusion store.


We keep it simple & move fast

  • Inner-office travel is via scooter.

  • There's no pressure to create anything that’s complicated. In fact, "complicated" is a banned word.

  • Employees are encouraged use their ideas to leverage what exists in the world and make it better. (And faster, of course!)

We always solve for the customer

  • We have customers come in to share their stories, show their products and give employees a chance to connect with them to understand a day in their life to help provide the best services and products.

  • We support our customers at every opportunity, we have cold brew on tap from Tiny House Coffee and several of us rock our favorite pair of Iskay Shoes.


We share openly and are transparent

  • There is no hierarchy at Volusion. Our leaders are humble, open about business details and are willing to jump in to do anything that they would ask of their team.

  • We have monthly meetings called SMBeats (Small to Medium Business Beats) where company information is shared and employees are encouraged to ask questions. Additionally, teams share weekly product updates through creating short videos that are shared company-wide.

We favor autonomy and ownership

  • Every employee is an entrepreneur and is encouraged to run with their ideas. Good judgment is valued over policy.

  • It is a place where employees feel at home and help take care of the office. Employees jump in to help move furniture, change out cold brew and even cover phones to better learn our customers needs and give our Customer Experience team a chance to refuel.


We put people above everything else

  • People are the heart of Volusion and have been since Kevin started the company in his small office bedroom in 1999. From the beginning, he has led by example going above and beyond to personally listen to employees and customers.

  • In addition to having the best team in Austin, we have so much camaraderie within the office. We even have an “official” office detective for when someone fails to re-rack the weights in our fitness room or doesn’t put a clip on a bag of cereal.

  • Yes, we have perks that are competitive, but what sets Volusion apart is the people. We believe that we have the top people in the industry and we do our best to make them feel that their needs are very important. We want to remove any barriers to their success – if that's by providing them with their favorite pop tart then we make it happen!


At Volusion, employees are encouraged to share their opinions openly - whether publicly in a communication channel or privately through our weekly happiness polls. Every employee has a voice and each request is seriously considered. As a result we have cold brew on tap, a LaCroix vending machine (with eight flavors), a peanut butter and jelly bar, a cereal bar (almond and soy milk included), snacks all day, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, flexible PTO, bring your dog to work Fridays...

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel." ― Maya Angelou

Cheers to our amazing employees at Volusion and all of the employees out there who work hard to make a difference every day!

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