5 Ways Reviews Increase Ecommerce Conversions

Believe it or not, driving traffic to your site can sometimes be the easier aspect of a marketing campaign. Getting conversions and compelling shoppers to make purchases is an entirely different beast.

Reviews are everything, especially when it comes to shopping online. In fact, research shows that about 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from friends. Even if your products are high-quality and priced competitively, shoppers still may not purchase because they’re unfamiliar with your brand. Having high-quality reviews can increase your brand credibility and get more people interested in your products. Here are five benefits of showcasing customer reviews on your site:

Apps like Yotpo make it simple to collect website and product reviews with it’s in-mail technology.

1. Gains consumer trust.

When navigating the Wild Wild West of the e-retail landscape, reviews can make or break your business. Consumers are thirsty for feedback from people they trust: friends, family and yes, even strangers with trustworthy names that leave helpful reviews. Apps like Yotpo make it simple to collect website and product reviews with its in-mail technology. These reviews can be displayed across your product pages to give customers an idea of what people are saying about your products and why they should buy. Reviews not only gain consumer trust, but they also create a buyer community that produces brand loyalty. About 39% of shoppers say they are loyal to their favorite brands, and displaying reviews is the first step in building loyalty.

Social proof generally gives shoppers the push they need to make a purchase

2. Garners user-generated content.

Shoppers want to see content from their peers. Sure, there’s a benefit to professionally-taken product photos, but consumers are smart. They know that those photos have most likely been edited. Instead, consumers enjoy seeing photos of your products being used in real life from other customers like themselves. This social proof generally gives them the push they need to make a purchase. Yotpo also allows you to gather customer photos from their reviews and showcase them on your site, providing shoppers with unbiased reviews and photographs from other people. In fact, ecommerce sites that include photos could see a huge increase in checkouts — as much as 24%!

3. Enhances your social media strategy.

In addition to providing reviews on your site, Yotpo has the ability to share reviews to your social channels, like Facebook. Because many consumers turn to social media to gauge a product or brand, this feature is extremely useful. Its integration with Facebook also enables you to turn reviews into Facebook ads. These ads have the potential to convert at a high level because they are showcasing testimonials from real customers. In fact, ads with reviews could decrease your cost-per-acquisition by 50 percent and increase your click through rates by 300 percent!

4. Provides customer insights.

Reviews not only help customers determine if they should buy a product, but the feedback is valuable for you as well. Bad or less-than-stellar reviews don’t have to be damaging. Instead, these reviews can help you take actionable steps to improve your products. It also gives you an opportunity to showcase your customer service. If a customer had a poor experience due to the product not being what they expected, you have the opportunity to make it right by contacting them and offering them a discount for a future purchase.

Over time, reviews can increase your site’s authority and relevance for a variety of longtail keywords that may have high search intent.

5. Boosts your SEO.

Having a steady stream of authentic customer reviews on your product pages will start to increase your organic traffic. Over time, reviews can increase your site’s authority and relevance for a variety of longtail keywords that may have high search intent. This will tell search engines to place your site higher in search results, catapulting your organic traffic.

We’ve partnered with Yotpo to make obtaining product reviews easy. The app can help you with a variety of marketing objectives, but increasing conversions on your store is at the core of its strengths. Our integration aims to help store owners increase conversions on their site by encouraging customers to leave reviews and share them with their peers.

Want to use Yotpo on your V2 store? Check out our installation guide in the Help Center for more information.