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Why become a trusted store?

When shopping online, there are so many retailers that it can be difficult to know who offers a trusted, high­-quality shopping experience. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to show your customers that they are in good hands. That’s where G​oogle Trusted Stores ​comes in.


Google Trusted Stores Badge

Once a store meets the performance metrics required by Google, they earn a site badge to let customers know that they provide an excellent shopping experience. Trusted Stores earn their title by having reliable shipping, easy returns, prompt customer service and secure websites.


Seller Ratings in AdWords


Trusted Stores also helps merchants qualify for Seller Ratings in AdWords. These ratings are displayed next to your ad results, and are an eye-catching way to attract clicks. It pays to be trustworthy!


Review Extensions in AdWords


Speaking of increased visits: Trusted Stores Review Extensions can also boost the click-through rate of AdWords. These extensions highlight your Trusted Stores status in AdWords, and are a great way to gain customer attention and trust.


Badge on Google Shopping


Another perk of being a Trusted Store is the Google Trusted Stores badge that gets added to your Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping. This badge can make your items stand out and vouches for the quality of your shopping experience.


Google Purchase Protection

Customers on a Trusted Store site can opt in to receive free purchase protection from Google, which gives buyers an extra bit of reassurance at checkout. They’re also able to fill out a customer survey, which automatically feeds into Seller Ratings in AdWords and Google Shopping. This means more feedback (and word of mouse) for you and your shop.


Easy Technical Integration

Finally, Volusion merchants can easily apply to become Google Trusted Stores through the Volusion Trusted Stores module.


How do I become a trusted store?

We’ve created a detailed how-to guide about becoming a trusted store.


What Volusion has to say about Trusted Stores

“Volusion wants to help its deserving clients earn the best placements possible in both organic and paid search results,” said Nathan Joynt, Volusion SEO Manager. “By incorporating Google Trusted Stores into our ecommerce software, we hope to make it easier for our clients to prove they are trustworthy at the search level. This may help increase search engine click-through-rates from highly targeted and motivated consumers, and potentially increase revenue for our clients.”


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