3 Ways to Improve Conversions by Thinking Like Your Customers

Struggling to convert more visitors into customers. We'll walk you through 3 ways to boost conversions by thinking more like your customers.

An online store is a living and breathing thing--well, maybe not breathing, but it is living. People are searching, browsing and purchasing, search engines are scouring every page and your inventory is always changing. Turning visitors into customers can be a tricky process, here are three ideas to help get you going.

Make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Just like when you’re in the supermarket and the store is laid out in a way that makes it easy to find your weekly groceries, your online store categories should make it easy for customers to quickly and easily browse your products and find what they’re looking for.

Sunglasses shop ShadesDaddy has a huge inventory of sunglasses that can be a bit daunting to browse if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for in a pair. Maybe you know what brand you like or what style suits you best, you can browse by these options directly from the top navigation. They’ve given customers and easy-to-use top navigation that breaks their inventory down into meaningful categories.

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Take Action: Look at the search queries visitors are making on your store to better understand how people are searching for your products. See where you can reorganize or relabel categories to make more sense to your customers.

Use social proof to give customers a reason to purchase.

It’s no secret that we are social creatures, and when it comes to shopping we look to the opinions of others before making a purchase. We want reviews and testimonials and we want them from real people. According to a post by Ann Smarty on Mashable, “in the digital age customers have reason to doubt if every good review is a reflection of a good product or a made up comment meant to boost a company’s reputation. Social media testimonials, on the other hand, are harder to fake because there's generally a person with a record of activity behind each one."

One way that Chalk Ink uses social proof to encourage visitors to purchase is by featuring their Pinterest account prominently in their slideshow. Visitors can browse chalkboard projects shared by Chalk Ink’s huge, and creative, fan-base. Chalk decorated Easter Eggs anyone?

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Take Action: Getting a lot of “likes” on Facebook? Add a Facebook widget to your template to utilize those positive customer testimonials.

Have a strategy for every significant landing page on your website.

Not every customer gets to your site through the front door, the homepage. Sometimes their search lands them on a category page or some other awesome page you’ve created within your website. By giving these pages a little extra attention and focusing their message you can turn visitors into customers.

Skinny Noodles specializes in healthy rice and noodles adapted from traditional Japanese recipes. To help their customers stay healthy, they’ve created their own recipe resource where you can find an assortment of meals, smoothies and soups that incorporate their products. This is not only a great resource for their existing customers looking for ways to make healthy meals for their families, but for new customers as well who want some ideas on how they can incorporate Skinny Noodles into their weekly meal planning. To help out with purchasing, each recipe links you directly to the product that is used. That Strawberry Smoothie looks pretty tasty.

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Take Action: Check your Google Analytics to see which pages customers are landing on and give those pages some attention. Have the content but need some help putting together a layout? We offer custom landing page design.

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Bonus Tip: Always be improving!

Your store should always be changing to meet your customers needs. As markets and trends change so should you. Keep an eye on your social media, analytics and sales to inform your decisions and you’ll be increasing conversions in no time!

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