The 6 Best Side Hustle
 Ideas to Make Money

44 million Americans have a side gig that earns them extra money outside of their main
source of income. Here are the top ways that people rake in a little additional dough.

Who is This Guide For?

Gen Z

Gen Z

42% of Gen Z wants to start a
business in their lifetime.



1 out of every 2
 have a side hustle.

Gen Z

Gen X

Highest percentage of
 startup founders at 55%.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers

1 out of every 4
 have a side hustle.

In other words: anyone who is looking for an additional income option.

80% of workers admit that their current career falls short of a dream job.

Sell Online
Small items you can seel as a side business in purple


Sell Stuff 

Running an ecommerce business is the most popular side hustle out there. With 1.86 trillion U.S. dollars being spent online, there’s plenty of success to go around.

What to Sell

Handmade icon


Make or manufacture 
something yourself.

Portrait Icon


Sell your old 
stuff and 

Graph Icon

Everybody Wants

Identify search and 
buying trends on 
Google Insights.

Dropship Icon


Drop ship products 
to reduce 
overhead and 
capital cost.

Lightbulb Icon

Solves a Problem

Invent something.

Flip Icons

Flip Something

Buy something (car, 
website, etc.) 
make it better, and sell it for profit.

Most Popular Shopping
Categories Worldwide

Growth of Ecommerce
Sales Worldwide

Fashion Products

Travel Products/Services

Books and Music

Computer/Mobile Devices


Growth of Ecommerce
Sales Worldwide

Where to Sell Your Items

Amazon Logo
Craigslist Logo
Letgo Logo
Volusion Logo
Facebook Logo
Etsy Logo

Hustler Tip:

When deciding whether to create your own online store or sell your products somewhere like Amazon, the best answer is to consider both. Amazon will help you reach a wide audience, but you will create better customer relationships through your own store.


What began as a small at home project has flourished into a thriving business with unlimited potential thanks to our website and online sales.

Laura Brown
 - Austin City Gift Baskets

Drive a Rideshare
Toy cars driving on a toy street in royal blue


Drive a

If you own a car, this can be a flexible 
and easy option to make money on the side.

There are 1,000,000 Uber
and 700,000 Lyft
in the U.S.


of Uber drivers
are part time.

Speedometer Notches Speedometer Arms Speedometer Dots

Uber says its drivers
make an average of
$0 per hour,

although most drivers say
the net pay comes out to $10-$15

Amazon Flex and Uber Eats Logo

Delivery and Courier Service

Not interested in driving people around?

You can make an income similar to
ridesharing by delivering packages
with AmazonFlex and UberEats.

Hustler Tip:

Know the ins and outs of your insurance coverage: most drivers don’t tell their insurance company about their ridesharing work, but that puts them at risk for having claims denied.


This is only a good side gig if you’re an early bird or night owl. Without the peak hours or surge pricing, your margins get pretty thin.

Dean Thomas
Uber Driver

Sell Your Know-How
as a Service
Hand picking up yellow phone


Sell Your
as a Service

Make money from a hobby, a special skill 
or any task that’s in high demand.

Make money from a hobby, a special skill,
or any task that’s in high-demand.

In the U.S., freelance job demand has grown 3x faster than overall job demand since 2014.

Most Popular Ways People Find Freelance Work

People Icon

Friends + Family

Marketplaces Icon


Chat Icon

Social Media

Freelance Icon


Ads Icon

Online Ads

Online Icon

Job Boards

Work Icon

Work Contacts

Hustler Tip:

If you made more than $600 from any side job during the tax year, you’re expected to report that as “miscellaneous income” on your next tax return.


People generally want to live better and be healthier. With my passion for cooking and helping people eat better, it was a natural fit for me to teach cooking classes.

Raad Mansour - 
Austin Food Company

Rent on Airbnb
Pile of toy houses in red


Rent on Airbnb

From listing a spare bedroom to offering up an entire house, Airbnb users are making their own abodes pay out big.

There were 660,000 Airbnb listings in the U.S. in 2017.

Airbnb hosts make nearly three times the monthly income of Uber and Lyft drivers

Millenials and Gen Z are more likely to try Airbnb hosting, but Baby Boomer hosts tend to make more

Senior citizens are opening up their spare bedrooms to "age in place".

Millenials can rent out a spare room to get the feel of living alone without the cost associated with it.

Hustler Tip:

Make sure to check for HOA rules, required business licenses and local taxes.


"Spend a little money to decorate your space well, and take the time to snap high-quality photos. You'll get a return on your investment really quickly if your listing looks great!"

Andrea Kinnison
Airbnb Host

Monetize Your Social Streams
Trade Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency coins on a royal blue background />


Trade Cryptocurrency

It's high risk — but with a potentially high reward — 
so it's only for hustlers with nerves of steel and 
nothing to lose.

Growth of Cryptotrading

Cryptocurrency Definitions

(noun) [block-chain]

An encrypted digital file distributed to everyone participating in cryptotrading; acts as a public ledger, and keeps track of all transactions

Private Key 
(noun) [prahy-vit kee]

A unique code assigned to every piece of cryptocurrency, which is necessary in any transaction.

(noun) [wol-it]

A software program where public and private keys are stored.

(noun) [bit-koin]

The most popular form of digital currency, distributed on a peer-to-peer basis.

(noun) [alt-koin]

Any coin that isn't Bitcoin

Investing & Trading Basics

Sign up for an account and create your wallet. Stick with the safer, more popular exchange sites: Bitpay, Coinbase, Coingate, Gemini.

Buy and sell your first cryptocurrency. Stick with the more common types of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin, Ethereum (ETH).

As you get the hang of when to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, sign up for exchanges to start trading.

Hustler Tip:

It's the wild west of investment. There will be big winners and big losers, and not a lot in between.


"Always research the terms and use cases behind a cryptocurrency before you invest. Even then, be ready for extreme ups and downs until the market matures."

Dustin Vegas  - 
Cryptocurrency Investor

The Takeaway

Make it a win/win: Besides padding your bank account, pick a side hustle that develops your passion or hobby. The end goal is to make this something you can turn into a career. But regardless of the extra income you bring in, you'll be growing your skill sets in the areas that fulfill you the most.

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