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Trusted by over 150,000+ businesses, Yotpo helps you generate a ton of customer content, like reviews, photos, and Q&A, o boost traffic and sales.

Our in-mail technology makes it possible for you to generate more content than with any other solution. Best of all, it is plug & play with Volusion—you can set it up in minutes.

Yotpo’s core product, review generation and on-site display, is available free of charge. Additional revenue generating features are available at additional cost.

Features Include:

    • User-Generated Photos: Collect and showcase user-generated photos and embrace a well-rounded approach to visual marketing.
    • Full Social Integration: You and your customers can share 5 star reviews on your favorite social networks.
    • SEO Success: We offer Rich Snippets, Google Seller Ratings, and Product Listing Ads, which all dramatically increase CTR from Google.
    • Community Q&A: Answer your visitors’ questions directly on the product page, or automatically send questions to past buyers to let them answer.
    • Yotpo Ads: Turn reviews into paid ads on Facebook & Instagram. Ads with reviews decrease CPA by 50% and increase CTR by 300%.
    • Review Incentivization: Offer your shoppers coupons for writing and sharing reviews to increase purchase to review conversion rate.
    • Smart Promotion: Choose products to promote and up-sell to likely buyers to increase customer lifetime value.

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